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August 18, 2014


Ann Macey

We have to keep reminding iourselves that the answers to the clues MUST be something permanent. It won't be a poster or a notice in a shop cos that will change but something in stone or an official notice. Then the next problem is getting into the mind of the puzzle maker. We did the Malvern Hills trail on Saturday and even when I was looking at the answer to one clue I didn't see it until my cousin pointed it out......... we can all have bimbo moments. We love them too


We have downloaded 3 trails we worked out how to make a book out of the downloaded pages, eventually, that was the first task don't think there is much hope for us LOL we are hoping to do at least one trail over the next week when down at the coast


Hi, glad to hear you're enjoying your summer break! The quiz trails sound interesting, though it must be frustrating to be unable to solve some clues at all. Nice photos of what was obviously an enjoyable walk.
I also love the "perfect timing" pictures - especially the little boy with the "water hat"!

Mary Buttons

I scrolled down to the chap behind the bar and looked and looked and looked and couldn't see what was so special about, so decided to leave it and scroll down to the next one. Well I had to roar when I saw the rest of the photo, which I think was all the more funny because I had looked so hard previously.

Sounds like you are having a really lovely summer break Karen so pleased for you as you have had such a stressful year so far.


We went on a trail at Poundbury today started in the square in the pub for lunch the pub has scaffolding up over the front and we were convinced it was hiding the crown with a sort of C under it. We had lunch and when we came out one of the builders took a photo on his phone of the picture I the trail and went up the scaffolding to check the pub sign that was hidden and no it wasn't what we were looking for. WE found all the other answers stopped off for cake and a coffee at a little café this is turning into a food eating trail. Got back to the square and still looking for the crown and a lady stopped and told us it had been painted over if you look back carefully you can see it under the black paint of the hairdressers. Thanks for the info on the trails we had a lovely day today.

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