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August 20, 2014


Barb in AK

What an amazing experience!! Those owls are so pretty! And Sid--- I never knew birds could be cuddly! :-) Oh my! That sea eagle looked like it could carry Carly off into the wild blue yonder! Can't wait to see your pages of birds.


It was a fab day wasn't it ... thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and was so good to see you both again - photo's are adorable - please could you send me the first one of Carly with Rodney (the up close one)?

The grey eagle is called 'Levi' and is a Chilean Blue Eagle... the the cuddly one with Carly is 'Sam' - can't remember the species, I'd need to ask the expert LOL and the big sea eagle is 'Emma'. I think the exceptionally loud one is 'Marie', but can't be sure. No idea how she tells them all apart.

Thank you for a very special day - including a delicious meal and a giggle in Photoshop LOL XXX


what a fabulous experience! Thanks for sharing
izzy x

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