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June 13, 2014


Barb in AK

Happy Friday the Thirteenth! :-)
Hope you are having a relaxing day and letting Nigel pamper you during your recovery.
Lovely little layout about your dear bear. I saved my bear for many years. But he was BIG... he was bigger than me as a babe. It just wasn't feasible to keep him, as he took up more space than my small house has for him.
My bear was stuffed with excelsior, so he wasn't very cuddly. ;-)
Karen, have you heard of Build-a-Bear? It is quite popular here. I have a [adult] girlfriend who bought 3 bears, has wardrobes for each of them, as well as accessories! No bear ever had it that good! LOL!! :-D
I must say, they are the softest, cuddliest things I've ever felt.
I adore the fact that your bear is still loved to this day, you display him in a prominent place, and you have made this charming layout about it. :-)

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