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March 29, 2014


Barb in AK

You know, Karen, when I started teaching, in my starry-eyed enthusiasm, I stated I was going to teach for 50 years!! After 14 years, a bit of reality had set in, and I was down to a 40-year goal. Into my 20th year, I was setting my sights on a 35-year career. (Funny how age and health--as you said--start prodding those choices). I only made it to 33 years of amazing, joyful, challenging, and hard-working teaching. But God had THE PLAN. He knew the RIGHT time, and He set the path. Steve was a bit "kicking and screaming" with it at first, but soon realized it WAS what we needed. I was all into it, and have still felt very fulfilled--even after leaving the classroom :-) I hope your holiday will allow you rebuild your strength and perhaps help you see what may be coming down the road for you in the future.

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