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November 26, 2013



I love it down there, especially Corfe Castle! Do you live quite close then?
Cool page too btw x

Barb in AK

Does your weatherman ever report wind chill temperatures in your area? In Minnesota, wind chill is a BIG deal in the winter. Today our temps were 22° F. But we had enough wind to make it feel like minus 2 !! Formerly living in Alaska for so many years, Steve thinks people living Outside (in the lower 48) are wimpy for complaining. Especially, since we lived with minus 50° degrees and lower during the winters up there. Yes, the school children would be sent outdoors to play at recess until the temps reached minus 20. (I want you to know, I was/am a WIMP! I'd wear so many clothes, I could barely walk up and down the stairs when I was on recess duty back in the day) ;-)
Karen, I started playing Christmas music a few weeks ago. Oh my! I tried so hard not to do it yet, but I have been in the Christmas mood early this year! :-)

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