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October 27, 2013


Barb in AK

Sorry to hear your weather is expected to get nasty. Praying that you will all be safe.
When bad weather is expected here, many rush to the store to stock up on supplies. Do they do that where you live?

When I was a child and lived out in the country, we would get snowed in occasionally. I remember once being stuck in for 5 days! Everyone on our road had been plowed out, but we had huge drifts on each end of our property and the plows couldn't get through. One of our neighbors called mom and said he was going into town, did she need anything? She asked for a fryer chicken and milk. When he returned, daddy walked through the pastures (not drifted so much) to meet the neighbor halfway and pay him.
Now, I live in town about one mile from the grocery store, and if they predict tornado, snowstorm, or heavy rains, I get to the store to stock up on necessities. A habit formed from those childhood experiences ;-)


Hope you are ok and have not been badly affected, jenx


Dolly, I read your blog everyday and feel you have become a real friend (and I don't even like cats that much!). I enjoy your reports of your weekends out with Nigel and the visits you make to stately homes and gardens. I have been watching the weather reports from the UK and Europe and it's not good (no news to you, right?). I have been stunned by the number of trees that are reported down. I truly hope you and yours are safe.

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