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October 29, 2013


Barb in AK

So glad to hear you fared well through the storm... and except for the cats redecorating your home, all are safe and sound. Your trip sounded lovely, and oh, the photos are amazing. We have nothing so lovely around here.
It is fun to return to the childhood community and see the changes. The memories come spilling back :-) Once, Steve and I went back to the house we lived in when we were first married. The owner came out and greeted us, as we stood on the sidewalk talking and pointing to the home. We told her we had lived in the house back in 1973. She took us through the house!! All the old wallpaper was gone, and the kitchen had been updated, but oh, what a joy to see the place and think about times we had there.
Stay safe, as the clean up all around you goes on. The photos on the internet showed lots and lots of damage.

Gina Nathan

Love the Black Country Museum. We went there for a return visit in the summer on a beautiful day. Very disappointed though as the school was closed for a wedding!!! Quite incongruous seeing people wandering around in full wedding attire. Glad you didn't get too much damage from the storm.


A very good blog, I like your style, similar to my own.

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