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September 21, 2013



Oh Karen, I couldn't believe when I read about your cousin's husband today. I just watched "Oranges and Sunshine" last night and it made me weep with the unfairness of the situation for all those thousands of children who were shipped overseas.
Keep nursing yourself until your cold is better.

Barb in AK

So sorry your health is not so good this weekend. I know if it were a school day, you'd be in the classroom no matter what. So maybe it is a blessing that you are sick on the weekend.... if there could be a blessing to be sickly.
That is an unimaginable story of the orphan children! I never had heard of that history. It's amazing anyone could survive such treatment and degradation.
Steve attended a high school run by the Christian Brothers. Too bad they put the word "christian" in there :-( He has some pretty bad stories about the teachers--- not sexual abuse, but emotional harm.
It certainly makes you wonder what makes the most trusted humans to act in such a way. :'(
Thank you so much for your informative and important post.


I had no idea. That's just awful.

Take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon. Jenx

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