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June 03, 2013



Please listen to the doctor! My husband sprained the ligaments in his ankle playing Frisbee Golf and he was in plaster for a month and off work for three months.
Don't assume because it isn't broken that it isn't serious. Ligaments do not have a good blood supply so they heal slowly, very slowly. Do not try to hurry it by putting weight on the foot to quickly. I really can't stress this enough. If you rush things now you WILL pay for it later. Allow people to help you, fold up your pride and put it in a drawer. Let people around you be useful they will love it and you can do something nice for them later as an unexpected reward. Please don't struggle and push yourself.... I am nagging now so I'll shut up. Sending you healing hugs

Barb in AK

I'll nag, too! As much as the crutches are a hassle, please stick with them!

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