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May 30, 2013



Errrm... I don't like to be a party pooper... but you really should go to A&E for an x-ray. Really. Like, now...
If it has been damaged before and it hurts that much, you don't want to mess about with it.
And if it is broken, you are risking a lot more than a swollen ankle, by ignoring it.
And if it isn't, then your mind will be set at rest by an x-ray and you'll get the right treatment.
Pleeeease go to hospital!

Love the cat photo!
Get well soon. X


Rest and elevate! And if you can hold on til the morning, go to Wimborne Hospital they have a minor injuries unit which is only open during the day. But the queues there are much better than Poole. Take it easy.


Hope you are ok. Joined in with Social Sunday and hopped over from there. Linked it to rocking your world too. Take care and take it easy, jenx

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