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September 28, 2012


Barb in AK

I would say if you got through all the weekends except the last to stay away from TGIF, you and Nigel did very, very well. :-)
Love the LOL cats. That has been ME the last couple of days ;-) I think I'll take a little walk and see how nature is doing. I have been out of the house for over 24 hours.


I think you did very well! We tried "no takeaways" for a month.. and also caved, after about 3 weeks. Still, we have cut down now, after it had become a bad habit for a weekend evening. It's much nicer to plan ahead, set something cooking in the crock-pot and sit down together, for a lovely home-cooked dinner!

Great that you really enjoyed your trip to TGI's, after allowing yourselves to go. I think you deserved it.

Nice Calendar story today. Made me smile - and it is so true. When my DH was working away, while I was expecting James, it was so difficult to keep in touch. Even while James was little, we had only brief phone calls, sometimes only every few days. But recently, when Dave worked in Sweden for several months, we chatted every evening, via a Skype session. The boys even played Warhammer matches via Skype! Technology is wonderful.

Re-organised Bloggers' Weekend btw. It will now be 1st-3rd March (definitely), in case you can make it.

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