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September 27, 2012



That's a lovely story today, Karen! I was so happy to see my Auntie coping with her cancer. (obviously I wasn't happy that she had the leukeimia, but it was good to see her finding strength to cope with what came along). Cancer is a scary thing... both for the sufferer and those who have to watch it happen to them.
Thanks for sharing that story today - it's encouraging and inspiring.

Aaaand.... In case you are interested /able to come... We have had to ditch the December plan, for the Bloggers' meetup, as too many people were busy. So, we now have 3 new possible dates - do go and read today's post on my blog, to see if you could make it? X

Barb in AK

Were your students using sign language with the song? I always found that if I was open to the children teaching me things that interested them, they were more open to learning something from me. It's what kept my attitude young, I'm sure :-)
LOVE the photo of the butterfly--so lacy.

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