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September 26, 2012


Mary B

Oh my what a day so glad everything is working OK now. and yes I would be like you re real money and that shop is so like Stitchers the shop my mother used when food was still on ration and you remained loyal to one shop.I remember that you could buy broken biscuits very much cheaper because biscuits came in big tins and you bought them loose.

I love the lolcat today such a grin on his face


Gosh what a day you had! I have just "inherited" my DH's "old" phone and ipod touch, as his contract provider have given him a new shiny, iPhone-type thing to replace them both. So, I'm learning how to work them... not bad with the ipod (as have been borrowing it for ages anyway), but me and that phone...grrr!

I hope you have no more trouble with the car phone - maybe it's a good plan to ask the garage about it, it might be a known fault - perhaps it just needs an upgrade of the operating system, to iron out a bug?

I just remember "old money" - used to buy sweets with Pennies and Ha'pennies when I was small. I remember having a thr'penny bit and a sixpence... felt very rich! Then it was New Pence and that is what we learned about in infants/junior school.

Lolcat was funny... the Daily Diary made me smile and sniff at the same time (how I would like to send it to someone I know... but I don't know if it's the right time just yet).

Aaaand... I am sorry I haven't been visiting much - it's been so crazy here. But I wanted to invite you to a Bloggers' Weekend, in December. I know you are a Busy Head Teacher Person... so maybe it will not be possible (esp. as it's up here, at Milton Keynes), but I still wanted to invite you, just in case!
This is the post on my blog: http://lizziemade.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/stop-press-bloggers-crafting-weekend.html

We have a few "takers" and I think I will get brave and book anyway, hoping there will be ten interested people soon!


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