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June 24, 2012



What a beautiful story :)

I love your page and the photos are amazing, beautiful die cuts and lots of detail that I will have to come and look at it again as each time I look I notice something different :)


I agree, a moving story. But I do believe we get little messages like that all the time. We just need to be open to it. Hope you feel well soon. Too busy in a school at this time of year. My class have been gorgeous this year and it has been lovely to see them develop. Jenx


Hello Karen! Haven't been here for ages - also very busy, but I was determined to catch up with some blog friends today!

I've just read all the way back to June 15th! You've certainly been so busy. Sorry to hear you're not all that well - it does seem that illness strikes at these manic times in the term. Hope you are feeling much better by the morning - I would def. recommend some Echinacea supplements, plus a high-dose vit.c a day, for a couple of weeks - both really help to shift the bugs! (we take A.Vogel Echinaforce tablets, which are v. good). There are some nasty germs around this summer - perhaps because of the damp weather. Poor Nigel sounds as if he's really been hit by the lurgy - I hope he also feels much better very soon.

Loved all the scrap pages - some are very pretty - the Austria album is going to be gorgeous and I liked the two Paris pages too (must try that hotel ;-)

The cats made me smile / laugh and the Calendar days made me think - and one made me cry a bit (but that can be a good thing...). Thank you for sharing all these - I do like them.

Have a good week; hope you cope well and that you feel much better! X

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