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May 07, 2012


Barb in AK

Canada is sooooo beautiful when you get out in the wilderness. :-) That is a gorgeous photo and your layout is just the right touch.

Titanic-- so tragic. I've always been interested in it's history, too.
One year, for our school's Halloween celebration, everyone was requested to dress as a book character. I wore a black skirt, white blouse, white ruffled apron, and an orange life vest. The students were so curious about what character I could possibly be. I told them I was a maid on the Titanic and survived the sinking. :-) The kids had NO idea what the Titanic was. Music class was on pause, as I gave a bit of history ;-)
Also, I had pulled all the Titanic books from the school's library that day, and showed them to my classes. I encouraged them to look for the books and read about the Titanic. It was nice that the library actually had 5 or 6 books--in a variety of reading levels.

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