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February 15, 2012


Mary B

Glad you haven't got to have new glasses and I can see why they were so expensive, very pretty.
Good idea to take those photos out and scrap them properly. That is going to be another great album.
I have 12 IPAWDs too now I don't have to hanker after another do I and they are much cheaper in the first place even if maintenance makes them dearer in the long term. lol


Oh I love that story today - and I have memories of similar cycle rides, in my 20's, with my BF, who was a mad-keen cyclist... he thought nothing of cycling 20-30 miles in a day. I had trouble with 10!

Your specs are very nice - good thing you don't have to replace them though, if they are so expensive. Mine have gradually sneaked up in price over the last few years. Last time, I went for varifocals and chose the highest quality of lenses that they do, as I was very unsure about the varifocals anyway and wanted to minimise blurry spots. I'm so pleased with them - I don't have to keep taking them off to read things close up, or swapping distance/reading specs all the time! I do have "close-up specs" though, for my very close bookbinding and crafting work. Hopefully, my prescription won't need to change, when I have my eye test in June!

The iPawd is funny! Great picture! And the Innsbruck page looks good - promising start to your holiday memory album.


We call that dumping drawer the "for now" drawer.
"I don't know where to put this, oh I'll put it in here, for now..."

I'll confess now that the small room at the front of our traditional terraced Victorian is not called the box room but the "For Now" room for the same reason

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