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February 29, 2012



I am so pleased to hear you have the all clear, every time I logged onto your blog I was hoping it would be good news for you, you are an inspiration not only in your work but your life as well.


So glad to hear your news Karen - ~Im sure it was a great relief to both you and Nigel


What relief you both must feel after getting a good result from your tests.


So glad you got good news, I'm really pleased for you. And for something completely different, your art journal page is great! The whole thing about art journaling is that you make it your own - don't judge or compare to others. Have you looked at Tangie Baxter's (Scrapbook Graphics) zine for ideas and inspiration? Her words of wisdom really helped me!


Great news Karen, I bet you feel on top of the world. I know the feeling after I have been given the all clear on tests that I have had to go for, and still have ,but not as regular as before, just to keep a check that things are o.k..

Mary B

Yea Hooray Super Duper
Karen I am really really glad that the result has at last come back and it clear I have been lifting you in prayer and today I am saying a big Thank You Lord for this wonderful news.


So glad the results were all clear - carpe diem!


Great news! jenxxx

Jen Hart

What a feeling, the fact you will make something of it - even better. You go and enjoy it! So happy here :)


I know how you feel, but for me it's the follow up to my melanoma scare 2 years ago. Each time I get "all clear" I feel like how you felt. I've been more grateful and more sensitive because of these scares. Great news for you!

Barb in AK

Praise be to God and congratulations to Karen!
Jumping up and down with joy for you :-)

Sarah S

Karen, I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with the results. What a brilliant photo to mark the occasion too xxx

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