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February 23, 2012



Waiting is the worst thing. Keep positive. Jenx

Barb in AK

Yes, I've been noticing the light extending :-) When dh and I are grumpy all day, we finally realize the sun is waking us up very early--- we haven't hit that yet. But I am not closing my curtains as early in the evening as I had been..... such a nice thing :-)
Karen, I pray your results come back very soon, and that you will hear a great report! I know the waiting is agony, and it's good you are keeping your mind on other positive things. †††prayers††† continue for you.

Mary B

lets hope that not having the results yet means there is no urgency because everything is OK but I can understand your anguish I know that I would be spitting feathers by now and would have bitten the head off the person who told me to wait further.
on a better note I love the layered look of that page Karen, and the missing lynx lolcat


How rude to be sniffy with you - that person wants to be in your shoes for a couple of weeks and find out what it feels like! I hope the results are in today - and that all is well.
"missing Lynx" made me laugh - thanks for that!
And the "square tires" idea is thought-provoking. It's good to have a picture in your head, that describes a problem. And it's good to have something to read, that puts things into perspective.
Hope your day is going well and that you have a good - and relaxing - weekend.

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