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January 25, 2012


Mary B

Your photo for today should be captioned 'wat no noms' or 'it wasn't me I didn't eat all the noms'.

very appropriate thought for the day and I really do love your try at art journalling


Karen, I understand your reluctance about the Art Journals. Unfortunately my psyche does not allow me to do messy and I don't really "get" them.
Hope you'll feel better soon as I guess you are perhaps poorly as you came home early.


That is an awesome art journal page, and even more incredible because it is your first one. Go for it! I started art journaling a year ago, and my 'style' has changed, I do a mix of digi and traditional with paint and collage. It is so freeing to just experiment and 'draw outside the lines' to quote your calendar!Its a really relaxing way to get rid of the stresses and strains of the day. (and don't compare your work to others - its about YOU!)


Love your page Karen. I'm on this journey too. Have made some backgrounds but still pondering the journalling! But I've had a great day in London at the Hockney exhibition. One of the.most impressive had purple tree trunks, blue trees and branches , and orange and yellow logs. Very inspiring! Rosie

Barb in AK

Crayons. Coloring. Reminds me of a story about my bil, Mike. When he was in kindergarten, his teacher became alarmingly worried about him. It seemed every coloring sheet she gave him would be colored in black, black, and more black. If there had be a school psych in those days, he would have been referred immediately! The teacher called my mil in for a conference. She wanted to find out if there were problems at home, abuse, or something else locked away in the family closet.
My dear (and wonderfully wise) mil called Mike into the classroom from the hallway where he was sitting quietly. "Mike," she asked, "is there some reason you color all you pictures black?" Mike replied simply, "It's the only crayon I have in my desk."

Karen, feel better soon!!

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