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January 29, 2012



Hi Karen,Hope you are ok and if you do have to have a hospital stay, we will all be thinking of you and waiting for you when you return home. Hope its nothing serious. Look after yourself. Take care, love and a big hug, Val x


Make sure you look after yourself. Jenx


Hope you can avoid a hospital stay but you sure will look glam in your new PJ's. I am also a Harry Potter fan and wondered if you knew about the studios opening in March here is the link


Hope you know soon if you need to stay in hospital and that everything will be fine. I finally tried the "Sorry" today and it was just beautiful-brought a tear to my eye.

Jen Hart

Oh dear Karen, I do hope you can avoid it. You will look snappy though, they are cute.

Thanks a million for the template, I am new and inexperienced with photoshop (not enough practice I know) and I opened up a new project, gave it a name started and threw away some layers and quietly closed it down again. This is perfect, just what I wanted, thank you thank you.

Take care. Jen


i hope things get sorted out for you and that you will be feeling well again soon.I tried to dowload the free template that you have i clicked on the download HERE but nothing happened. have you removed it now


Hi keren
i tried for the free dowload again this time i clicked on dowload week 4, and it worked fine!thank so much for this its great.Hope you are better soon,take care mary


Thank you so much.

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