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December 18, 2011



Thanks for sharing the photos - I watched the show too and it was good to see your visit. Looks like a fresh December day down there - the best winter weather. Jenx

Barb in AK

That is a really cool mansion! I couldn't get the videos as the site said it's only for UK viewers. So I really appreciate your photos.
We have a mansion here in Rochester which was owned by one of the Mayo Brothers (of Mayo Clinic). It's now an historic site. Everything is roped off and you are not allowed to touch a thing. You can't linger too long in one room when on the tour--gotta keep moving, moving, moving. AND NO PICTURES ALLOWED :-(
So you are quite lucky to have been able to experience such a fabulous special place!
Do you think you will have any snow for Christmas?


We enjoyed watching the bbc program, but it must have been so much better to be there what a great day out that must have been for you, and photos to look back on.

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