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December 08, 2011


Barb in AK

LOL! I'm so glad to hear the kitties get in on the goodies during the Season, too :-) CUTE layout!


You spoil those cats (but then, so do we!)... They are so special though!

Thank you for the kind mention - that made My day! :-)) (smiling lots!)
I have also had some lovely comments from time to time, which have made me grin all over my face and given me a happy glow. It's wonderful when someone takes the time and trouble to tell us that something we have said/typed/made pleases or touches them.
I do like to have comments on my posts. Not sure if I would carry on if no-one ever commented... somehow I like an audience (does that make me vain, or a show-off? I hope not... I think I just like to share and be friendly).
I'm glad someone's nice comments made you happy!

Never had my nails done with shellac... I thought that was the stuff you used on furniture and pictures! Sounds very interesting...

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