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September 29, 2011



On your LSNED page you put "to see it kindled in a child" - I wonder if that is where Amazon got the name from?


Good point Shelly!
Love the idea of a dahl-icious day full of dahl-ightful fun! 100% agree that reading is simply the best! I returned DD's library books today and came out with two more for myself!

Mary B

I love the poem and the lolcat and how true just 26 little letters can create a universe in our imagination.


Love it! My DS also loves Roald Dahl and has all the books, which we read together at bed-times when he was a bit younger.
He also has a great big book of Dahl's poems, rhymes etc. It also has a recipe section - including a fabulous crocodile, made from a long, flat half-baguette, which you cut open along 1/2 its length, to make a mouth. You cover it with cucumber slices, for the scaly skin and add pine nut-teeth... can't remember the rest, but it sounded fab - and actually edible too!
Hope you all had a great time dressing up.

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