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May 25, 2011



Karen now you and Nigel can start a fire drill at home just to try things out LOL. As for the teaching,well tomorrow is another day! And I think that card you made is really cute.


Had to share a teaching magic moment with a fellow passionate practitioner... We have a fab community garden at our school and last night we camped out with 30 year six children. We made campfires, used Kelly kettles, completed team building activities and had a massive barbecue. Children loved it. We know we have created a memory for those children that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. We gave them an experience that they will pass on to their children in the future. One of the brilliant bits about teaching that can't be shown on a league table or shown on sampa. But all about citizens of the future - what we are supposed to be doing. Long comment but I wanted to share it with you.


I also loved and bought those sheets. Mine went into school eventually. I'm impressed that you've used then and made a really cute card with it.


Buying those things is like an insurance policy. If you buy them you never have to use them but if you don't buy them then you just know you will need them. Never a waste of money to get fire blankets for the kitchen. We had a frying pan burst into flames when everything was switched off! the fire blanket soon sorted that thank goodness. I am never without at least one of those and the smoke alarms get tested every month - on the first of the month so I don't forget - and the rope ladder out of the tilt and turn window. Oh I am so with you on these things

james White

lol we are practising a fire drill at work latter this week should be fun, we need to exit the building in 2-4 minutes from the 10th floor. I dont remember doing any fire drills at school did we do them in the 70's

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