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April 18, 2011



Lovely start to your album!


Imagine my surprise as I google "moraine lake youtube video" and find you talking back to me on my screen!! I felt like I knew a celebrity!! Loved the video! We are heading to the rockies in the summer for a few weeks, would be grateful of any tips/advice where to go/miss etc. Would you mind very much if I dropped you an e-mail pestering you?? Kate @ Liberty Cottage(which has been demolished!)

Mary Bainbridge

Oh Yes I can relate to the hate gardening/killing plants bit and of course to the love cats and love looking after them bit as well. Doesn't your boy look discussed with you for taking his photo how dare you lol
lovely start to your album and it is going to be such a super memory jogger beautifully put together.

btw sorry I haven't been around your blog lately


Happy belated birthday to the CFH! Our oldest two cats must be just a couple of months older, as we got them for our son, Cody, for Easter that year. I think we must have the US version of the CFH, and we have 8 of them!

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