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March 03, 2011


Mary Bainbridge

Oh Karen I am so sorry about Fiki I do hope it is something that can be cured. So hard isn't it when a loved pet is ill.

Mary Nicholson

Really hope Fiki makes a good recovery. I know how worrying it is when there's anything wrong with our pets. I have two Ragdolls and hate to see them ill.

Love that video of the lioness with her cubs. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Mary Nicholson


Oh poor Fiki! Did you have any more thoughts about that cat osteopath's near you? Sounds like he might need them! If it is a slipped disc etc, they can probably fix it without surgery (and it might be a lot cheaper - and worth finding out if your pet insurance covers some of the fees too).
I hope he feels better soon. XX

It certainly sounds as if you had an eventful week at work - with a real DAY to finish off... I hope you get time to relax this weekend and just chill (and sparkle lol!).

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