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February 26, 2011


Mary Bainbridge

A very stylish Classical LO I love it.That is what I call pure digi


I like the digi Rome page and the card is gorgeous - I can see the layers/dimensional bits, though they probably look more luscious in real life. Love those cats!
I did start Catcher in the Rye - also, in part, because I wanted to know what all the fuss was about; I never got far with it as, like you, I found it impossibly dull to read. Life is too short.. I put it away and read something more interesting!


I have long been convinced that the people who said Catcher in the Rye was influential in making them kill that they were on the brink of insanity before they read it and the direness of the book just tipped them over. It has no redeeming qualities, it is awful, just plain awful and I think all those who laud it as a literary classic have been sucked in by the Emperor's new clothes.
Phthewy, phthewy, it is a terrible waste of paper.

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