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February 23, 2011


Mary Bainbridge

So pleased the Fiki is definitely on the mend. And the best of luck getting those two off the pouch food once the medication finished, now that they are enjoying it so much it's going to be hard.
Lovely layout perfect for the challenge.


I'm glad to hear Fiki is recovering from whatever injury he has. It sounds good that he is more mobile and his back isn't so "knotted" up now. Hopefully it was just a badly pulled muscle and he'll be back to his normal naughty self by the end of half term!
Poor Kira - what is it in the "wet" food that she's allergic to? A lot of cats are very intolerant to wheat and other grains (in fact all cats are to some degree - they're not designed to eat grains); other cats are lactose intolerant - one of my cats had a v. upset tummy if she had milk products. Both those things can be in tins and pouches of wet foods - depending on the brand. Never mind, Kira can always have extra fuss!
Enjoy your break - you were working so very hard in the first half of the term, I think a bit of lazing around will do you good!

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