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December 05, 2010



Thank you for another prompt! We're going to make it! Only 3 to go. I love using my senses during the Christmas season -- it makes me more aware and in the moment. I do find joy in almost all of it. My least favorite part is in "too many" things to buy. I would like it more simple. It feels like a runaway train sometimes. I'm elbow deep in JYC but doing it my way--8 1/2 x 11 with large photos and the "story". Love how it's turning out. So this prompt will have to have a new twist to it...ummmmm.


I take the new prompt with me - thank you so much!!!


Thank you! I can't believe it's only three to go. What happened to 2010??? I'm in a creating phase right now with all Christmas cards and challenges on various blogs. Lots of fun.


Thank you for another good prompt. I appreciate your generosity.

Sharon Speed

Thanks again for another great prompt! I too was sad to see the snow go as I have been in this week with a tummy bug and didn't get to got out with the children and build a snowman!


Thanks for today's prompt! I had a busy week and haven't had time to check your blog, but when I did today I was so happy to see your JYC pages. They are beautiful! Love that kit too. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you! Now how do I make this different to the JYC prompts?!


As always Karen, thanks not only for the prompt but for the inspiration as well.

Helen Baker

Thank you again Karen, love your LO's you have been so busy. Can't wait to get started again though this one may be hard to do as it is summer where I am going!


Thank you Karen


Thank you Karen


Karen, thank you for today's prompt. I'm only just checking in because I was too busy with the CC earlier x

Photographing Mom

Thank you for the prompt! Can't believe it's almost over. I love my book, though and this class has been WONDERFUL!!!!


Thanks Karen, another great prompt. :)


Yes, I'm humming the advert LOL.

Love your 'Winter's Tale' page - I enjoyed that class too. We still have loads of the white stuff here but unfortunately it has all turned to ice - yuck!

Toni :o)


Lovely, lovely pages!


Thanks for this weeks prompt, I was late in downloading again, I really like your winters tale page, and the naughty cats under the Christmas tree. We have the same problem, and this year we have a new little kitten, to add to the fun and games.


Thank you for the prompt

Mel Weeks

Thanks again Karen. I could do a dozen pages on Christmas! I love it too x


Hi Karen
Late again looking at prompt but better late than never! As I opened the prompt the advert came on TV how that for an X Files moment! Can't believe we are nearly at the end. Thanks Kim


Thank you so much. I am enjoying your JYC!


Like you very busy at school with nativities etc. So busy I didn't download till Thurday!Enjoy the end of term.


Thank you!


Thanks Karen, where has 2010 gone? Lovely prompt as always!

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