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December 12, 2010



What fun to have those photos to compare - great shots and can certainly seem the similarities.

Thank you for another great prompt - off to make a coffee so I can sit and read through it at my leisure.

Toni :o)


Many thanks again.


Only two to go! Are you planning another class for 2011? :-) Just kidding. After all the work you've put in for this one I hope you'll rest a bit during next year.


I'm so hoping to be able to finish this before the end of the year. Might be a project for between Christmas and New Year now.

Love your photos. You both look fab xx


Thanks again for another prompt


This prompt has my mind racing--what superlatives could help sum up this year? Scariest, longest, best, etc. Thanks for the mental challenge!


Thank you so much!

Photographing Mom

Beautiful photos and love seeing the contrast between your two visits.

Downloaded the prompt and I really can't believe there's only two more left!! Has been such fun!


Thank you!

Sharon Speed

Another great prompt, many thanks Karen. I cannot believe that there are only 2 more!!


Wow, you're nearly at the end of your 52in10! Amazing... well done for keeping it going all year. It has been fab!

Love the Santa Monica/ Brighton comparison photos. I like Brighton, but can't say if I prefer it to Santa Monica, as I haven't been lucky enough to visit there yet... Still, it looked like a lovely day today. It was damp and very chilly here today - the sort of gets-through-all-your-layers cold... yuk!


Thank you,Karen.


Hi Karen
Thanks for another great prompt - actually opened it on the right day just about!!

Mary Bainbridge

thanks Karen


Thanks again for a wonderful challenge. I look forward to catching up in the new year.
Many thanks again


Thanks for another thought-provoking prompt :)

Julie Spencer

Thanks as always Karen - am a bit behind but hopefully will catch up in the New Year...


Thank you for the 50th (wow) journal prompt. I hope you feel better soon!


only 2 to go - where has this year gone. As always, thanks Karen.


Thank you this is beautiful!


Thank you so much for the new prompt - I'm late again. ;)


Thanks for the prompt


Thank you for the prompt. I look forward to doing this next year. :)


Thanks again.


Thanks for another fab prompt. I can't believe we are nearly at the end.


thank you

Helen Baker

Once again many thanks, I'm so looking forward to do these when am settled again - I am missing no45, is there any way I can get hold of it to complete my downloads?


Thanks as always Karen - lovely prompt!

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