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December 26, 2010



I have just received my first ever Willow piece well set actually, the Willow nativity set, I always wanted a nativity set but but had trouble finding one I liked then after seeing some of your Willow pieces looked online and found the perfect nativity set which I was luckily to get for Christmas.


In Sweden Boxing Day is a national holiday and I've enjoyed the day off.
I won't miss your prompts. I didn't find them until May so I decided to download them all and do 52in11 instead so I have all the fun ahead of me! :-) Can't wait. An extra plus is I know what's ahead so I can plan a little in advance when it comes to choosing subjects. I'm really looking forward to this.
Thank you for doing this! I'm amazed you made it through the whole year with no misses or delays. You should be really proud of yourself. Now I can only hope you'll have something nice planned for 2012 when I'm done with my 52in11! (just kidding, but it would be great, for us - your readers and followers).
Again - THANK YOU! I also want to wish you Gott Nytt År (Happy New Year) 2011. I'm sure it will be a very blessed year.


I will miss looking for your prompts every week. I must admit my album only has a few pages. But it will get finished. Thank you for taking the time to do this class it has been fantastic. I love your blog and follow you all the time. Have a Happy New Year

Julie Spencer

Thank you for the last 52 prompts Karen - I have really enjoyed doing this project (n owhere near finished yet though!)but the fact that I can go back to it when I have the right photo at any time is a good challenge. I have loved reading your blog every week and will still do that in the future. With the full schedule you have I don't know where you get the time to do all this, organised I am not! So thank you again, it has been fun, thought provoking and sometimes tear jerking - I have done more journaling this year than ever. I look forward to the next project...


Thank you ever so much for all your hard work this year. I haven't done all the prompts yet, but I've saved them so they're ready when I am.
Thank you again, and I hope 2011 brings everything you wish for. x


Have loved this project, receiving your thought provoking prompts and sharing your big birthday year. thank you so much. best wishes for 2011

Photographing Mom

Can't thank you enough for this project!! I have had the most fun doing this!! I'm sad to see it all end. So proud of my book, though. :D
Thanks again!!!!


Thank you Karen.

Sharon Speed

I too will miss getting this prompt every week. I am way behind making my pages, but this has been such a good project that my first New Years Resolution will be to get it finished! Thank you Karen for all your hard work and keep going next year - I shall be looking our for any new projects that you do. Happy New Year.


We made it! 52 prompts. I'm still thinking about this last one. I love having a "clean slate" at the beginning of a new year when everything seems possible. I'm proud of all the pages I finished--only two not yet done, but I'm a finisher so I know it will be complete this week. Thank you for your creativity, generosity and perseverance! Also, love how you did your JYC this year. I tried to do too much each day so I'm a bit disgruntled at not being done yet.
This was a wonderful class. Thank you so much!


Congratulations on the finishing up of the year! I echo the others who have enjoyed reading your prompts every week of this past year. Thank you for the wealth of prompts that will help me tell my story! Always thought provoking. I hope to do mine this coming year and it is so great to have your wonderful example before me. I've also enjoyed reading about your daily life on your blog! The photos of scenery, cats, houses, and other beautiful locations have been enjoyed vicariously through the internet. I will definitely keep checking in on what you are up to! Many thanks!


Thank you for this series of prompts.


Many thanks Karen for all the prompts, I've only completed about half of them but have them all printed out and will complete them in the near future. It's been a wonderful journey through the year and you've worked so hard for us all. We're all extremely grateful for all the inspiration you've given us. I read your blog almost every day, I love reading about your adventures and those of the fur family.
Happy New Year to all of you :)


Thank you for continuing with prompts to the end and although I've only managed 19 of them, each one has been saved and I'm detriemined to finish it.


Thank you so much for the new prompt - thank you for the wonderful project.
I send you a private message to 4shared and hope, the download is possible. ;)


Hi Thanks for a great project I like others have saved the prompts and may start from scratch for 2011. I have read your blog for a while now and always find so much inspiration. Look forward to seeing the new projects in the new year.
Love and Best wishes to you, Nij and furbabies for 2011 Kim x


Thanks for the final prompt, I have enjoyed this project; although I have still to complete it, I always looked forward to the next week to see what you had for us. I always check your blog every day, and will continue to do so it has become part of my day now. All the best to you Karen on any further projects that you have planned.

Mary Bainbridge

Thank you Karen for a year to remember. Glad I have come on the journey even though I still have some to catch up on.

Mary Bainbridge

Love your JYC the fur tunnel looks super and don't the two of them love it. Does Boo join in at all?


Thanks from me too Karen! Congratulations on your first year long class! It has been brilliant. I've got about 4 weeks prompts to complete, so hoping to get some time this week. Thanks again, and 'see' you soon!


Thank you so much for the last prompt Dolly...thank you for everything you have done the last year...thank you to keep on writing your prompts..thank you for this pretty 'book of me'.
I wish you a happy new year and for the last day of december...''Guten Rutsch''... as we say here in germany :)
Greetings from Birgit


Thanks Karen for all your hard work and for staying with it!!! So much still to do, as I cant download the prompts abroad, but have loved the class! Im so pleased you have raised so much money for the hospice too - a great cause. Wishing you, Nigel and the furbabies the very happiest of New Year's!


A big thank you for all your hard work.


Huge thanks for this class. You have put in so much hard work and I really appreciate it all. I still have some catch up to do, but I'm determined that my album will be completed soon xx


Thank you for the prompt and as someone who has yet to start the project, I look forward to seeing each one and taking up the challenge of doing this album. For me I think I may sift through the 2010 photos and try and do a Remember This Year album. Thank you again for all your hard work!

Helen Baker

Thank you and well done Karen - I have my special life journey ahead across the other side of the world and will take my pages with me. Thank you for all your hard work and I can't wait to see this all finished, it has been a pleasure. Good luck with all that you do in the future.


Karen thank you for thinking of and creating the wonderful 52 prompts for 2010 ~ it's been inspiring


Thank you for all your prompts. I am 50 this year and hope to start my book now as my 52 in 11. I look forward to reading through all the prompts and looking through your pages again. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

All the best to yourself, Nij and your furbabies for 2011 xx

fleur morgan

Thanks again, just catching up as i didnt do any scrapping over christmas period, sorry that its the last one, looking forward to any future classes of yours


Thanks again for all your prompts. I have enjoyed reading them, and plan to start on my 52 in 11/12 soon. I will take my folder on my holiday and start jotting down ideas etc in my notebook. Thanks for all you hard work, and do let us know if you plan more classes, free or otherwise, I will be interested. xx

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