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December 14, 2010



Bleah, I hate colds... I hope you manage to soldier on and enjoy your end-of-term celebrations, despite being under the weather. "Chicken Soup" sounds quite appropriate for you this week - I reckon you should eat lots of it, it's supposed to do wonders for a cold!
Get well soon.

Mary Bainbridge

Hope you manage to shake off this cold soon. {{{{{{{huggles}}}}}}}}
Are you going to risk having the tree up, I thought last year you decided not to do so.
Mind you if you don't you are depriving Fiki of one of his pleasures lol


Just had to add a little extra... I was reading "I'm a Stranger Here Myself" by Deric Longden. His cat, Thermal (long story!), eats the glass baubles on their tree! They got "unbreakable plastic" baubles, and he chewed those up too - swallowed the bits and spat out the little metal ring from the top.
Fiki is not the only "monster" in the world...

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