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December 19, 2010



Thank you Karen-I like the colours already that I can see from the little snapshot.
Sorry to tell you but you entered your 6th decade on earth with your birthday, just as I scared myself realising that from January this year, I am now in my 7th decade! (but still blonde and sometimes wearing killer heels!!)


Thank you for the new prompt!!!

Photographing Mom

Thank you for the prompt. I'm sad there's only one left. :'( This has been SO awesome and thank you for *ALL* your hard work!!


When I made last week's page, I scrolled through the hundreds (thousands?) of photos from this year looking for the best, tallest, scariest, etc. to prompt me in my journaling. I was struck by this fact: it wasn't the large events or even the bad health news that I and my family received, it was the amazing life I've lived and documented this year -- especially following all the prompts you've given us and worked so hard to produce. I'm so pleased to have 50 pages about me. Thank you!


Thank you again for all the wonderful prompts!


Thanks! Reviewing is good to do.

Sharon Speed

Thanks again Karen, this has been a great project to do!


Looks like you have been busy but you still manage to provide us with these wonderful prompts - thank you.

Toni :o)

donna c

this is truly an exceptional and wonderful project! i can hardly wait to start the prompts from the beginning in order! you are amazing to have pulled off such consistant creativity! well done. your book is gorgeous and so inspiring!

thank you!

Julie Spencer

Can't believe it is our penultimate one! Thanks as always Karen xx


Wow..hard to believe the prompts are almost over! You have done a spectacular creative work on these prompts! Your pages have been such a joy to look at. Many thanks again and hope you have a great week!


How can this year have almost passed?
And oh what a year to look back on for this prompt! Thank you for this journey Karen, it's been so much work for you, I hope you have a truly wonderful, joyful, yet restful Christmas.


Thank you love the colours. Phew school finished and a slightly slower weekend. Way behind on 52in10 and JYC will try to catch up a bit tomorrow.


Thank you again for another excellent prompt. I hope you have a lovely Christmas with Nigel!


Gosh, I've got to get busy if I'm going to finish my album before the year's out as I'm up to #44. Thank you for today's prompt though and all your hard work over this year. I know I've appreciated it all.

Wishing you, Nigel, your furry babies and your killer heels an amazing and relaxing Christmas and a happy New Year xx

Mary Bainbridge

Thanks Karen, it's not letting me download at the moment but I'll try again later.


Thanks Karen! I'm afraid to say I am a bit behind now, but I will catch up probably after Christmas!


Thanks Karen, I've had an amazing year and can't wait to do this page. Happy Christmas to you all :)


Thank you! Merry Christmas! Love you JYC.


thank you,


Thanks for the prompt. The last 3 months of this year have not been good so lots to reflect on and will encourage me to look for the good bits.


Thanks Karen for this prompt. it has been a fantastic project. I wish both you and Nigel, and the fur babies, a merry Christmas and best wishes for 2011.


Thank you so much .I am behind but have realy enjoyed this.Thank you for all your hard work !!!!!


Thank you for the prompt. I am way behind but will finish. Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas

Scrapnanny Chris

Thanks for another great prompt, This hasn't been the best of years but not as bad as I thought it was going to be. So thanks Karen for a great Album to look back on. I don't believe it is nearly over.

Helen Baker

Thank you so much Karen - one to go!


Thanks for another great prompt, can't believe how fast the year has gone by.


Hi Karen
Thanks for the prompt. Apart from a couple of bouts of rubbish and an unknown illness earlier in the year, lots of good memories to be remembered.
Hope you, Nij and fur babies have a fab Christmas and best wishes for the New Year Love Kim x

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