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November 23, 2010


Photographing Mom

Love your page and you should be mighty proud. I am so glad I've done 52in10 with you!!!! It's been amazing. :)


What a great page!


Thanks for the tip on the scam. My 90 year old father was targeted with a scam last month in which the thieves claimed his grandson needed money to get out of trouble in Canada. We alerted police detectives. Interestingly, when they called the number back, the thief said that it was indeed a scam but since he was "out of the country" there was nothing the police could do about it. And he would continue to target people in our community. So I did do something about it and wrote a letter to the editor of our newspaper which was published. Hopefully it will put him out of business here. Education is a powerful tool to the public. Also, I have prayed several times that he will be caught. God is the final judge of the situation!


these are ALWAYS Hoaxes. Goggle for a key phrase and it will come up on a hoax website


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