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November 28, 2010



I can not believe it is already prompt 48! Thank you so much for doing this year long project. It has been rather a difficult year but thanks to scrapbooking and generous people like yourself it has been
more tolerable to be able to get lost in a project for just a little escape! Thank you again for all your hard work and for being so generous! It means so much to all of us that you give of your time and talent!


Thank you for sharing this with us and for all the effort you've put in during the year to make it happen!

Julie Spencer

Thanks as always Karen for the prompt - boy, only four to go! Another thought provoking one to be sure...


Thanks Karen! Glad you had a great thanksgiving turkey and all. I sure wish we celebrated thanksgiving more here in the UK.

Sharon Speed

Another great prompt, many thanks!!


Thanks for the prompt as always. Not feeling very thankful today as we are about 7 inches deep in snow :( Will do the prompt when in a better frame of mind


Another great prompt, thankyou. Also thankyou for keeping this going all year. I am now only 3 prompts behind as I have had a catch up!!


It is freezing here but I am grateful for my warm house.


Thank you Karen. It is interesting that you celebrate Thanksgiving to keep in touch with your family in America. Our family in America will celebrate St Andrew's day on Tuesday 30th November and Burns Day on 25th January as a way of keeping in touch with the country of their birth.They also enjoy Thanksgiving as a major holiday time when they can all get together.


Thank you for your efforts and consistency all year long. I'm right along with you minus a "huge" prompt on challenges. I do a weekly gratitude 5x7" photo and just looking back on the seasons has been a blessing. I have also been doing 30 days of gratitude on a 2 page grid layout. I spend a huge amount of time being grateful--it's so easy because even the air we breathe is a gift from God. Gratitude has changed my whole perspective. I'm thrilled to be doing this prompt with you. Thanks, thanks and more thanks!


As always thank you so much Dolly... only 4 weeks to go... wow this year run away very quick.
I wish you a great new week... greetings Birgit :)


Thanks Karen for today's prompt. I must get my bum in gear and do the last couple too. I had caught up until then too.

Am I not looking right as I can't find the wordart you mentioned in the prompt? Maybe I'm just having a 'me' moment!!! xx


Thank you! We have no snow either, it seems to be bypassing Poole completely!

Photographing Mom

Downloaded and we just got rid of our 9" of snow! Weird for our area. I am very grateful for you!!!!

Mary Bainbridge

Thank you Karen have downloaded the prompt but can't find the wordart


When things are difficult it is easy to forget to count your blessings. Thanks for the reminder.


Thanks karen for another great prompt :)


A BIG Thank you from my side of the Pond!


Thank you so much for the prompt and waving hello from the land of Thanksgiving!

sue (aka scrapcat)

Thanks Karen.


Yet again - thank you :)


thank you for a reminder of something we don't do often enough!


Thanks again Karen :)


It's a very good prompt - thank you so much!!!


Thanks for the prompt, I have been so busy and only downloaded it this evening.


Hi Karen, Thanks for another great prompt. Kim x


Thank you

Helen Baker

Thanks again Karen, can't believe it is nearly over!


Thank you


Bit late catching up - thank you for another interesting prompt.
Toni :o)


Thanks dont know why but forgot to download last week

fleur morgan

thankyou Karen

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