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November 21, 2010



Thank you! (how can it be week 47 already?!) Now all I have to do is just choose one memorable moment. I could get an entire album out of this one!

Sharon Speed

Thank you again, another great prompt!! When I ever finish this album - which I will - it is shaping up to be my favourite!!


Thank you Karen. I just finished a baby book yesterday for a first christmas and I had my heat gun out to do the lettering and some snowflakes!! I really enjoyed using it again and so I will certainly do something for this page.

Sarah C

Beautiful snowflakes Karen and yep, my heat tool's gathering dust. I came across my powders yesterday and actually considered selling them. Might change my mind once I've done this LO. Thank you for the prompt xx


Thankyou for another fab prompt. I am loving my album and I am nearly caught up. Thankyou for keeping this going for the whole year.


This year was full of procedures, operations and cancers. It was full of bad news, life changing medical tests,hopelessness and fear. But I CHOOSE as my prompt our anniversary full of daring to overcome my fear of heights. A day or two full of romantic and memoravle choices with my sweetheart of 45 years. I'm excited to focus on good moments.

I've kept up with each prompt and now have a book of me! What will we do without the prompts? Thankyou!


Hi Dolly... thank you for the last 2 prompts. I am not caught up... but I will do it as soon as possible.This project is the best I ever started with.
Oh my prompt 47 already... time is flying this year.
Thank you for every sunday and the great ideas for a wonderful book.
Greetings Birgit :)


Gosh is it really week 47 already?

I have decided that I'm gonna make all the prompt sheets into a book so that I have them there for inspiration when the old mojo goes 'walkabout'.

Thank you for another great prompt.

Toni :o)


thank you for pt. Love the snowflake


Love this prompt now something to pick out of the year!!


I'm so glad you have kept it going and extremely pleased it's free. thank you so much for your generousity.

Photographing Mom

I love my book, too!! Thank you so much for doing this and for this week's prompt! :D


thank you for another wonderdful prompt-it's been lovely keeping you company on this journey - it doesn't seem possible the year is nearly over.


ooh lovely prompt this week - there's no choice for me as after a lifetime of living in army housing this year we finally bought our dream house - 2010 is the year I came home, simple as that.
Thanks again Karen,I'm loving the prompts


Thanks for the prompt Karen, I can't believe it's number 47 already! I'm off to have a think.....


Thanks again! I still haven't manage to get a single prompt done, so a couple of weeks ago I decided to keep downloading the prompts and then start the project "52 in 11"... I know that at least the start of 2011 will be great 'cause I'll be in the UK!


Hi Karen
How time flies week 47 already can't believe it. I've several moments to choose from so I may end up doing a double page!
Really look forward to Sunday's to see what you've got in store for us! Thanks again kim


Thanks again. We have had some really horrid memorable moments this year and a few good ones. So, two pages for me too I think.


Thanks very much, hoping to start this in the new year. x


Thank you so much! Wow, week 47!


wow week 47 is so right! thanks for doing such a great job of this class! unbelieveable that you have all that creativity week after week!!!! i am loving it.


thanks again. can't believe the year is nearly up.

Mary Bainbridge

Thanks Karen


I just discovered your blog. Thanks so much for your prompts!

Mel Weeks

OOOOh. Lots of things to remember as there have been lots of changes this year, but which one will I remember forever? Thanks again Karen.


I've downloaded now - I always late and I have to scrap 6 LOs now. I hope I find time to do it in the next time.
I thank you for all prompts!!!

Julie Spencer

Thanks as always Karen - can't believe we only have a few weeks to go - love your layout.


Lots of things to remember and be thankful for, and one of them are the many great prompts you have given us for free, and the pages that you have made with them over the year, so thank you Karen for all the work you have done in producing 52 in ten it is a great achievement and certainly something to be proud of.


I'm so glad you have kept the prompts going too! Your album will be a wonderful collection of memories!


Thank you for the prompt. I look forward to doing this project next year. :)


Thanks for the great prompt, love your layout


So pretty, thanks


Great Snowflakes Karen - thank you!!!

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