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November 14, 2010



Thanks for another great prompt, and all your hard work over the year. We've had a big change recently but don't know yet how its going to affect us. My hubby is serving on the Ark Royal, and we have to wait to find out what will be happening with his job. Might have to put this prompt to one side and come back later when we eventually get informed!


Thank you Karen. Will need ti think about this one!


Thanks again for the prompt. Change may not always be good, but without it, life would be boring. :)

Mary Bainbridge

Thank you Karen, I know exactly what I want to scrap about I used to be so scared of Spiders, but cured myself and Yesterday I handled a Tarantula so pleased with myself about that.


There have certainly been some changes to cope with this year in our family. Thanks for the prompt.


Lots of health problems this year. They color everything! Thank you.


Thank you so much!


Thank you.


Thank you! This will be interesting...


Thanks Karen can't believe how quick the year is going. I finished working at the end of the school year in July. So my page will definitely be about the changes I have had to make,


Thankyou for another fab prompt. I will have to give this one some thought.


Another very thoughtful prompt - thank you.

Gosh the year has flown, little more than a month to Christmas - just where does the time go?

Toni :o)

Photographing Mom

Thank you for another prompt. I'm so glad I've joined in on this journey with you!!


ohhh this is an interesting prompt! hmm thought required for sure. i started a notebook a while back to put the prompt titles and room for a note or two about what i wanted it to be...i am wondering about doing the project for my fiftieth year ..i am 45 now! time to think about it.

thanks again karen these prompts are so well done!


Just had a lovely prompt catch-up, thank you Karen.

Sharon Speed

Thanks again Karen, another great prompt.


Thanks for the prompt Karen, I can't believe how fast this year has gone! There've been lots of changes since this time last year so this may have to be a double page :)


Thank you for the new prompt!


Thanks Karen

sue (aka scrapcat)

Thank you Karen


Thanks again karen! Another thought provoking prompt. I too feel a new confidence at the age of 50. It's like we've lived enough and seen enough to be taken seriously!


Thanks Karen, this one made me think.


Thank you - looking forward to catching up and doing this prompt.


Thank you Karen

Julie Spencer

Thanks Karen as always for the prompt. Have lost my mojo for the moment, making too many Christmas cards I suspect is the culprit! Can't believe how this year has raced by...


Thanks Karen, will have to have a think about this one :)

Sarah C

Thanks Karen for this prompt. I've had a year of changes too, although different ones to yours xx


Thanks again Dolly. :-)


Thanks very much for the prompt! I love the colors of your sneak peak!


i just downloaded the prompt this evening, I love the colour on your page. Thanks again Karen.

Helen Baker

Thanks again Karen

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