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November 07, 2010


Photographing Mom

Lovely page and thanks for the prompt!!


Oh dear Karen-a real tearjerker indeed. I will do this page very soon as it was 30 years on Friday since my Dad died and I was thinking about him as the fireworks were going off, just as they were on the night he died.


Thank you for the new prompt - I take it - but my parents are living and I'm so happy that they live.
I'm 51 yaer old and so lucky with my parents.
I can scrap a page for my grandma - I miss her.


Thank you for another thought inspiring prompt.

Toni :o)


Thank you for including this even though it's hard x


Thanks Karen! Always inspiring. I am slipping behind now, so must do a catch up this week!


Thank you for the prompt. I know some people will think I'm weird, but I am going to do a scrapbook on all the pets that have passed in my life. They mean so much to me and I want to remember them this way.

Sharon Speed

A thoughtful prompt. I have a few people I miss, who are now not here, so I shall give this some thought. Thanks again


Thank you.

Sarah C

Sometimes the hardest pages to do are the best. I love remembering things about my Dad and am looking forward to doing this prompt. Thank you xx


This prompt will definitely be the hardest for me. My father passed away in February of this year. Prior to that time I would sit with him and work on the prompts you gave us while my mom had some time out of the house. When he died, my creative motivation went down hill. That's why I hope to do your fabulous project next year when I have more enthusiasm. I'm also sorry for the loss of your parents-it is so hard.


Thankyou for yet another great prompt. I know excatly what im going to do for this prompt. I have been playing catch up and I am now only 10 propmts behind.


Thanks for the prompt Karen. This will be about my mum who I think about everyday.

Mary Bainbridge

Thanks Karen, I may do a page of how similar my Dad and my Dear Husband were.


Thank you for your thoughtfullness Karen. Although I don't do the prompts, I am new to all this,I do read your blog and you give me lots to think about. I lost my Dad two years ago and really miss him. I am also nearly divorced and miss my husband very badly at times, its like another bereavement. On a lighter note, you look lovely in your new dress and jacket. You are both very lucky to have each other. love Val xx


Thank you again! You're right, this will be a tough one. It'll probably be about my grandmother who lived to be almost 93 years old. She passed away 1996 but I still miss her a lot. Oh, just writing this makes my eyes watering...

sue (aka scrapcat)

Thanks Dolly. This will be very important for my heritage album as well.


Like you I lost my beloved Dad 9 years ago and still think about him all the time. this will be Dad's page and a tribute to everything he taught me to be. thanks as always

Mary Bainbridge

Well I have done a page about my Dad and my Dear Husband not too much journalling but I am pleased with it.
tis here if you want to see


Thanks for the prompt Karen, thought provoking as usual. Not an easy one but important.


Yes, a difficult one but maybe healing too. Lost my Mum far too early 17 years ago. We had to let our 13 year old dog go last week and my Dad who is ill in hospital at the moment misses her very much. Thanks for the prompt.


oooh another week and another great prompt ~ thanks Karen


Thank you.


Thanks Karen I have a few pages of my parents in my other scrapbooks, but this one will have more journaling in it


Thanks for the inspiration Karen, Im back to not being able to download again for some reason, so if you do plan email prompts next time you do a class that would be brilliant!!! The photo of your parents look much less than 30 years apart - yours is such a beautiful thoughtful page - thank you!!!


Thank you

Mel Weeks

Thanks Karen. A little late downloading this one, but was rushed in for an emergency Appendicectomy Friday. Still look on the bright side plenty of time to catch up whilst recovering eh? lol x


Thanks for the prompt there will be quite a few tears shed doing this one - miss my mum, dad and sister loads - but do have loads of fun times to remember


Thank you. Important to document, although hard.


Thanks so much for the latest prompts. I feel quite guilty uploading them and not doing them but I will. I have them all printed out and in a folding awaiting me.
Thanks so much for your time and energy which you put into this project.


Thanks Karen - this will be a definate double page for me - sadly I have lost so many special people - so important though to record the memories - so they are not lost in the mists of time!

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