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October 31, 2010


Photographing Mom

Thank you!!! Thanks for all of the prompts you've given so far and for all your hard work. I'm loving my album. :D


THANK YOU for not giving up on this project, even though it might feel tiresome (is that even an English word??)at times!!!! Only eight more to go :-)


Thank you again for all your hard work!!!


Thank you, your hard work is much appreciated!


thank you karen for allthe hard work on our behalf - thank you also for 43 just downloaded not sure I would do all digi again but have loved all the different ways you've made us think

Sharon Speed

Thanks again Karen, for this great class. This will become a lovely album, when I finish it!!


I can't begin to understand how tired doing all this has made you but I am glad you are seeing it through to the end. thanks as always


Thanks for everything Dolly... thank you for this big idea and thanks for your hard work... it will be a great book... my 52 in 10... I love it :)


Thankyou for all the hard work you have put into this project. The prompts have all been fab and I am loving my album.

Sarah C

I've been loving looking at the prompts and hope to complete my album before this time next year!! Just checked and I'm not as far behind as I thought I was as I've got August onwards to do.

Take care xx

Mary Bainbridge

thank you for the prompt Karen
I have often looked at those sort of canvases, and even tried to imitate them but to no avail they always look rubbish when I do them.

Julie Spencer

Thanks for the celebration prompt Karen. My sis Helen and I celebrated our 50th two years back with a great trip to New Zealand and Australia with our hubbies so I know what I am going to put on my pages!!


Sorry to hear you're flagging with the project. we REALLY do appreciate it.


Thanks for this weeks prompt I have thought of trying a canvas but as of yet it is still on my things to do list.


Thank you Karen. I like the challenges in this prompt very much.


Thanks for another great prompt, my DD was the runner-up in the Great British Bake Off this year so that's going to be my page :)

Ann F

Thanks for anothetr prompt....started with you but got lost on the way but hope to catch up now.


Thank you :)


Thanks again.


Thanks Karen. Sorry to hear that you are so tired of this, I hope you can keep going for just 6 more weeks! I am loving my album and very much appreciate the work you have put into it. ((HUGS))


Thank you for continuing to do this project even though it's been a tad draining for you.

Mel Weeks

Thanks again Karen. This one is easy for me as I was the proudest mum ever at Sarah's graduation this year. Keep it going, I'm sure you can see the light at the end of the very long tunnel we've all been traveling together. x


Thank you. I have enjoyed the inspiration.


Thank you for pt. Have 65 birthday and 40th WAv Plus MIL will be 96 next week
Thank you !!!!!


Thank you - beautiful layout :)


Thank you for the prompt love your LO


I've downloaded today - I'm late like never before. o.O


wow, it's been a busy week so I am just getting over here to check out your prompt and to download. Thanks again...love the new look of your lounge too-beautiful!


Some how I managed to miss this last week but I have caught up now - thank you for all the great prompts you have provided.

Toni :o)

Photographing Mom

Got prompt 44 done. :o)


Thanks again, I think I forgot to leave comments on a couple of downloads in my excitement to get them and read them through :-( I do appreciate your sharing with us all though. :-)

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