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September 12, 2010



Thanks Karen. Went to see The Glasgow Boys exhibition of paintings in Kelvingrove Art Galleries in Glasgow on Thursday and I will definitely be including a beautiful little portrait by Guthrie that i saw there.


Congratulations on keeping this going - I so look forward to the prompts every Sunday - Thank you.

Toni :o)


look forward to the prompts every Sunday. it is great as ever. Now to think of 5 favs

Photographing Mom

Your beach pictures look so warm and inviting!!
Thanks for the prompt. Am definitely enjoying this!!


Thank you for the prompt! I love your LSNED project!


A prompt about favorite art--how fun! I will have to think awhile on which to choose. Anyone ever see art work by Charlie Harper? Magical...Thanks for keeping going.


thanks Karen


Thank you for the new prompt!!!

jo sowerby

pride is ok in moderation. thanx for another g8 prompt
Jo xxx


Thanks for yet another fab prompt. Im so pleased you have kept the prompts coming.


Be as proud as you want, this class has been brilliant! Thank you for all your hard work.


Thanks for the prompt Karen, another one to make me think :)


Thanks. This one is really interesting! I love moving things... :-)

Julie Spencer

Thansk as always Karen, love all the prompts - got to find a big enough album to put them all in now!!


Thank you.


Thanks as always Karen - you have every right to feel proud of yourself

Mary Bainbridge

thank you for the prompt
Love your cats helping you choose the decor
well done on all that walking


ty appreciate the class

sue (aka scrapcat)

Thanks again Dolly.


Thank you Dolly :)


Thanks for another great prompt!


Thanks again.


Hi Dolly! The DH is helping me get back to working out again...and im thinking of getting a pedometer. What do you use..and would you recommend it? thanks in advance..:)


thanks Karen for this one, have a few pics to include


Thank you


Thank you - enjoying looking at your lsned pages


Thanks for this weeks prompt,and also for sharing all your pages, I love looking at them, I especially like the butterfly page it’s gorgeous.

Claire Viney

Love your layout for this week. I seemed to have stopped on week 23 but am downloading all the prompts in the hope of catching up at some point. Thanks xxx


Thanks for all your work!

Mel Weeks

Good one, thanks Karen.


thank you - really appreciate all the work you have put into this.

Helen Baker

Thanks Karen downloaded and saved for when I get back to normal!


Thank you :)

Sarah C

Fantastic photos. Thank you for this prompt xx


Thank you Karen, for both this one (which I missed last week), and for 38 (but I want to lift that flap and see your top fives :D )


Thanks again Dolly for all your hard work and inspiration, I have some ideas I may write down for when I get around to this book.


Thanks for another challenging prompt Karen - might be a lighthearted or a deep and meaningful page - will have to think about this one!!!

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