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September 05, 2010



. It is always such an odd day as I feel energised to get an and do allt he things I meant to do and haven't done for the past 8 weeks and also i feel very lethargic as I want to spend my last day of leisure being a slob and not doing anything

that totally sums up how I am feeling today!!


thank you for pt.Am so behind but hope to get started again
Big thanks

jo sowerby

good luck going back 2morrow and thanx for another prompt
Jo xxx


Good luck for the new school year Karen! Our DD left school this summer and as she is our youngest this is the first time for many a year that I don't have the 'back to school' routine! It feels odd!!!
Thanks for the prompt, very thought provoking. I am a couple of prompts behind, but will catch up later on today.


thank you as always - have a good first day back tomorrow!

Kitty Scrapper

I teach in a specialist behavioural unit and have 24 new kids starting over the next 3 weeks I hope I have prepared everything but I know tonight I will remember something I forgot!

I have scrapping and checking of lesson plans to do this afternoon.

I hope you have a brilliant start to the term


sue (aka scrapcat)

Thanks Dolly. I used to work in education until I was made redundant. It is truly an inspiring vocation.

Sarah C

Thank you for a fab prompt x

Paula - Buenos Aires

What a sweet prayer! Loved every word.
Downloading as I type this. Thanks.
Have a wonderful school year! Best wishes for you. :)

Miranda Shelley

thanks for the prompt


Hope your first day back goes well.

Thanks for another great prompt.

Toni :o)


I really want to thank you for the prompt on my creative space (from last week that I finished yesterday). In all the mess I took a photo of each wall--I labeled them north, south, east, west. When I started describing each thing I saw, my heart warmed at how much love from others I felt--how many things had meaning. I'm grateful that the memory is preserved thanks to your ideas....and thanks for the new one..

Photographing Mom

Downloaded. :)

Thank you for the teacher's prayer, too. Being a homeschooling Mom, it touched my heart. I'm printing it off and sticking it somewhere where I can see it everyday!

Thanks so much!!

Sharon Speed

Thanks for the prompt, this is great fun! I'm really enjoying the creation of my album, even though it's taking ages!!


thanks for the prompt, the end of the holidays should put my weeks back on an even keel, have a good week.


Thanks for a great Prompt. This year will be the first year I havn't gone back to Preschool it is going to be strange not seeing all the children returning and the new starters


Thank you for the prayer, it's perfect. I'm going to print a copy to put in the staff room :-) I'm really excited about the new school year - pleased about my timetable - looking forward to getting to know some new children - nervous because we're likely to be OFSTEDed soon - concerned by what changes the new government might introduce, and how they might impact on my role in particular - happy to be back doing the jog I love (even if there are times I'm not sure how much I LIKE it!!)


*job, not jog - I never love a jog...


Thank you for another prompt.


Thank you for the prompt! I'm enjoying your LSNED layouts.


thanks karen for another great prompt,this will be an easy one for me and wont take just as long to complete. Week 36 already i am so far behind. i dont know how you manage to get so much done,and work as well.My plan for this year was to be more organised!but there are still 4 months of the year left,so all is not lost


I'm so late today - but now I downloaded the new prompt.
Thank you so much!!!


Thanks for the prompt Dolly :)

I wish you good luck for the new school year!


Thank you for the prompt. As a parent, I also say a heartfelt thanks to every teacher for the fantastic work they do. And by the end of the summer holidays, all I can think is school can't start soon enough!!

Julie Spencer

Another great prompt Karen,love this one, have so many crafts that I do and love...
I work with severly disabled children and we started back Wednesday, children back Friday and it was wonderful to see them all fit and healthy, their smiling and happy faces made my day!!


thank you again! wow number 36..did we not just your intro to the whole 5210 project? only one quarter left in our 3/4 full glass! wow...and it is a great one yet again. thanks so much.




Thank you Karen. I have recently tried to remember to take photos of projects I make for gifts so will be able to include a recent one that was really appreciated.

Scrapnanny Chris

I have been at my crop today and played with lots of new technics and products, I will enjoy making a page about this and another as well. Thanks for a great prompt and enjoy tomorrow.

Jackie Slade

Hi Karen - I have today downloaded all the prompts in one go (my poor printer!) as I have still not started!! I am going to read them through tonight and get busy this week - my birthday is in December and I would love to get my album done by then. Thank you so much for all your time and effort on this project, I know it's going to bring me a lot of pleasure xx


Not sure 'lazy' is a word you should be using to describe yourself!
Another great prompt, thank you Karen.


Thanks for the prompt Karen:) Enjoy the new school year.

Helen Baker

Thanks for the prompt Karen - have to put things on hold for a while as we are moving but will enjoy catching up again.

christine skinner

i work at a special needs school, i dread the first day, i love the first day i am always up in the air about the first day... my first day back with the kids was friday and i was worn out but had a great day, i am sure you will too, thanks for the prompts love christine

Claire Viney

Thanks Karen for another great prompt. Hope tomorrow goes ok for you! Hugs xxx

Mary Bainbridge

thanks for the prompt Karen, sorry not had time today to read your blog but I will be back.


Fantastic pages - I love the color scheme that you are using. Can't wait to see how your other pages look for Shimelle's class.

Mary Bainbridge

I think that prayer is beautiful touching and brought tears to my eyes

I really love the colours you have used for the Joshua tree and Nigel the clear blue of the sky in the photo is perfectly enhanced by the browns of the kit.

All the best for today (Monday)

Mel Weeks

Thanks for the prompt. Still playing catch-up, but now schools are back I can crack on!


My girls are all grown up now but I used to hate them going back to school. We had such fun doing so many simple things during the holidays. Thanks again for the prompt. Don't think I could survive without my crafting.


lovely prompt and thanks for sharing the 'new year' feeling ~ I've got it too :)

Lynne Mitchell

Thank you for the prompt xx and will think about all you teachers as I start the 6th year of my retirement today and LOVE every minute, your turn will come one day :)
Best days are Sundays when you have nothing to prepare or mark and the next best day is a Monday when you can stay in bed with the whole day unplanned LOL!!


Thank you for the prompt. You're lucky going back so late - my children when back last week!


Thank you for this latest prompt. I will add it to the stash to work on this winter when I can no longer work in the garden.


I LOVE this one! Thank you SO much!


Many thanks


Thank you :)


Thanks Karen. Yes I am another teacher and I love it. There seem to be a lot of teachers who also love scrapping.


Thanks for this week's prompt and also for sharing your lovely photos and finished projects. I really enjoy them!


Thank you

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