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September 19, 2010


Jackie Slade

Thanks for another great prompt Karen - and yes please to more classes! Enjoy your indulgent afternoon scrapping! x




Thanks Karen for another of your brilliant prompts. I am still so far behind; it takes me ages just to get my layout together. I think that shorter classes for next year sounds like a great idea.


Thank you :)


Not quite sure about bling and digi! will have a go = looking forward to details of the new classes!something to look forward to!


I've take the prompt - thank you very much!
I'm interested in a new class next year. :o)
Have a nice afternoon!!!

jo sowerby

thanx for brightening a sicky, i love the prompts and cant wait to see what u come with for 2011
Jo xxx


Loving the prompts. Thanks again for another fab prompt. I would definately interested in more classes in 2011

Photographing Mom

I am so enjoying your LSNED pages! Downloaded this weeks prompt. Thank you! Would like your classes for next year! Planning on finishing up last week's prompt today. :)

Mary Bainbridge

thanks Karen I've downloaded the prompt and Yes would like to join you in any classes you do next year.

Sharon Speed

Thanks again Karen, I am loving this class. Next year sounds fun too, count me in!


The prompts are a great source of ideas/inspiration and I look forward to them every week - even though I haven't scrapped any of them yet. I have them all downloaded and saved and refer to them from time to time for general inspiration. Next year sounds interesting...you never know, I might even get to scrap some of it LOL

Thank you
Toni :o)


Thank you Karen-silly is something I do well. Yes I would love another class next year. Look forward to seeing your blingy page.


Thank you so much for the prompt! And yes please more classes wold be wonderful. I understand how much work they are and how generous you have been, thank you again!


I certainly have enjoyed the topics you came up with for 5210. My album is bulging. I have only one lingering prompt left to go. It's actually going to be a project in itself--challenges--so otherwise I'm caught up. More classes sound great.....


I've just recently discovered your site and have started your 5210 but really far behind. I for one would definitely be intersted if you continued next year. Jaqui x

Mel Weeks

Thanks Mrs Bling! Silly is my middle name, so will enjoy this one. Always up for more inspiration from you. You have a good week too x

Sarah C

Love your LSNED page. Thanks for this week's prompt. Really must pull my finger out and continue my album. Love the idea of shorter classes next year. Maybe I can keep going with them then!! :D xx

Julie Spencer

Umm, thisis a thoughtful one, love the bling though! A new project for next year would be great - have loved doing this one so far this year and just hoping my 12x12 lever arch file will hold it all!!


As always thanks for the prompt. I for one would be very interested in more classes especially shorter ones (more likely to complete them :)


I'd love some shorter classes Karen - I didn't start 52in10 as I knew I'd never keep up :( - but I do enjoy looking at yours.


Thanks once more. My girls love taking pics of me being silly! Would certainly be interested in short classes.


Thank you! I don't really do bling either, so this one could be tricky. I'd be interested in shorter classes next year too!


Thanks for the prompt. I would love more classes next year. This has been really interesting and I love your work.


Looks like fun. thanks Karen
yes please to more classes


Thank you! Love the prompts...


Thanks for another great prompt Karen, I'd be up for more classes next year too :)


why oh why does life conspire against us. I had promised myself I would keep up but sadly I am about 6 weeks behind. I have the classes printed and the sketches ready to go just no time and very shortly I am off to Australia for 3 weeks so will miss more!

But I will keep going and looking forward to more prompts next year


hello and one more fun one! well done! thanks so much. hard to believe it is number 38!


Thank you for another fun prompt.


Thanks Karen, more classes would be great

sue (aka scrapcat)

Thanks Dolly any classes will be great.


Thanks Karen, yet another great prompt to think about! Yes please, I would like details of classes for the new year.


Thanks so much!


Hi Karen Downloaded another great prompt - laughing is something I do quite alot, along with the silliness!
Look forward to details of any classes for next year, love your work find it very inspiring. Thank you for all your hard work
Kim x


Thank you - so much catching up to do - but I'll get there.


Thank you for pts .Sorry but I am not well.
but thank you for all your hard work


Thanks Karen, have plenty of choice for this one - usually my home is filled with laughter every time it is full of people!!!

Love this class although I am miles behind and would love to take part in future classes! Really appreciate all your hard work and commitment!

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