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August 29, 2010


Annette Taylor

Beautiful xXx


A wonderful foto, a beautiful layout and very nice colours!

Lousette Ashton

Fabulous layout Karen - what a cool picture too. Love the colours.


Very nice indeed, great take on the Soup challenge as always x

Mary Bainbridge

what a great page love the photo and love those curly embellishments too


Gorgeous !!


Like the new theme for the prompts. Thanks again


Loving this theme! Thanks Karen


Love this theme. I am having a new craft room in our extension. I have all sorts of plans and bits I have collected so this will be a place I can journal about it. Thanks


Thanks Karen-DH thinks this is a hilarious prompt to scrap as I seem to have migrated all over the house. Because I am doing a charity fair in October, I am also storing finished articles in the caravan!

We have a similar ornament to the gift you gave today with 2 people in it. It has elicited so many comments about how rude it is, that it now lives in the spare room. We bought it on holiday in a gallery in Dorset and did not think it rude at all!! LOL


As aways, thank you so much.


As always, thank you so much.


Thank you! I'm a digital girl so my scrapping space isn't very pretty, but I do have a very flash computer and 23in screen!I suppose I could try justifying it!


Thank you for yet another interesting prompt - I really look forward to these each week.

Toni :o)


Thanks Karen. Another one to get me thinking!


Yet another fab prompt, thankyou. I am loving this project and I would like to thankyou for all the work you have put into it.
I hope u have a nice time at the party tomorrow.


Another excellent prompt - way behind but will catch up eventually !!

Mary Bainbridge

thanks Karen have downloaded the prompt

Love that gift he is so funky
And I so agree with the little plaque on your 52in10 LO life without my cats is unthinkable

Scrapnanny Chris

I have just cleared my craft room so don't mind taking a photo. I really am a messy crafter but I love my mess, it's me. Thanks for the prompt and I hope your headache is better now.


Hi Karen
Thanks for another great prompt and I think
it is only good manners to comment on a blog when downloading to thank the person for all their hard work.
have a good time tomorrow
Kim xx


Thanks for the prompt Karen, enjoy the party :)


Thank you, I am going to really enjoy this theme.


Thanks again. Looking forward to doing this one as I am often asked why I craft. I agree with your thoughts on leaving a comment. it only take a second to say 'thanks' and manners don't cost anything.

Photographing Mom

Downloaded and here's my page for Week 34. :o)


thanks again for another great prompt. I'm re-reading your vegas trip posts as am planning our trip now ~ very inspired by the photos.


Thanks for another week's prompt. I've just moved house so my "creative space" is in a mess!


I'm back again to take the new prompt with me and to say:
Yes - it is such a wonderful project - I love it so much!!! and
Yes - I have learned by my mom to say "Thank you" for a gift - it's so normaly, I think!!!!
I thank you so much every week and take a beautiful inspiration with me to make a unique book about me and my life!!!
Only my english is bad - sorry! :o(


Dolly I have downloaded...as always thank you so much... its such a wonderful project!!!!!

Lynne Mitchell

Thank you karen and hope your leaving party went well, love the present, unique!!

Paula - Buenos Aires

ooops! Fell off the wagon yet again. Getting on again today. Need to download a ton. {big thank you hug} :D


Thank you for pt. hope you enjoyed the party.
Hugs Daphne


Thank you Karen for another super prompt.
have a little crafting space in a corner of the spare bedroom - one day!!!!


What a great prompt! Thank you so much!


Fab as always - thanks Karen


Thanks for something new for me to think about.

sue (aka scrapcat)

Thanks Dolly. Food for thought


Thank you :)

Sharon Peters

Your creative space is so lovely - I am afraid my space will be the dining table but it still allows me to create. Thank you for the prompt. XX

Sharon Speed

Thanks again Karen.
My craft space is a dresser in the corner of the room, which is slowly overflowing!! I shall enjoy scrapping this!


great as usual


"Life w/o cats...I don't think so"!! love it!! Such a beautiful space you have to craft in! and I'm loving the scenery you have for your walks!! thank you for the download..I need to catch up:)

Helen Baker

Thanks for the prompt Karen, have fallen behind!


i have just downloaded this weeks prompt, i didnt have the time on sunday. thanks for this great prompt . i hope you are feeling better now.

Julie Spencer

Another great prompt Karen - seeing as I have just moved my craft space from avery large to a very small space from necessity ( boo hoo) this is a very apt prompt for me...


another beautiful page! love this prompt. well done, thanks for such a fabulous project!


Love the opportunity to scrap (or, at least, plan to scrap, in my little book) where we create, I have so much to say for this week's prompt, journalling might take over.
Thanks once again, and personally I would have been inclined to delete 'that' comment rather than have it there as a reminder of a person's needlessly voiced opinion.


Thank you. This could be a very interesting topic. Maybe I finally will get all my scrappingstuff in order before taking any pictures :-)


Thanks for the prompt Karen.

Sarah C

I love Ken's gift. Thank you for the prompt x

Claire Viney

Oops somehow I managed to miss this one. Must catch up!!!
Thanks for another great prompt!

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