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August 01, 2010


Sharon Speed

Thanks for this Karen. Always great prompts to get us all thinking!


HI, thank you for this weeks prompt. I am also loving reading all about your trip. I am currently sorting out all my pictures on the computer from my recent trip to the US and Canada (Michigan and Niagara), and I will be putting some of them in the 5210 album.
Thank you again


What a beautiful Vegas-book!
I really like this prompt. Don't know when I'll get the time, haven't done any of the others yet and now my four weeks of vacation are over... Oh well, some other day. The prompt is safe in my binder in company with the other prompts :-)
Thank you for doing this! It's a great inspiration!

Helen Baker

Your Vegas book is lovely and I do envy you all your trips. Julie and I have been once and stayed at the Luxor which was just gorgeous - thought I wouldn't like Vegas but changed my mind within minutes of being there! Thanks for the prompt, I will now spend hours thinking about this one, not a bad thing to do on a Sunday.

Mary Bainbridge

thank you Karen I have downloaded off now to see what I can make of it.

Great mini/maxi book of your Vegas experiences. lots of details and brilliantly put together.


lovely book .
Thank youi for pt


Thank you Karen.Loved Donnie and Marie on "An Audience with...", so it must have been fantastic to see them live.


Thanks for another great one, Karen. Am seriously jealous about you meeting Donny - he's still my hero - looking forward to reading all about the meeting x


Thanks Karen lovely Vegas book. My sister goes often she loves it. Good prompt again will need a thinking cap for this one. Not done all of the prompts yet keeping them for when I get my craft room finished.


Thanks for the prompt Karen, I've managed to do a few in the last two weeks but I'm no-where near up to date yet :)

Paula - Buenos Aires

Oh, my! You already have a fabulous album?
You are one talented lady!!!


Of course, I have again downloaded the new prompt! Thank you so much!!!

Photographing Mom

Awesome album!!!!! Downloaded today's prompt and I'll be posting a mega catch-up on my blog hopefully this week. :) I'm working on week 22 now. Woo-hoo!!!!!


This will be a hard one to document as I've seen so many gorgeous sights. I've always lived in the western U.S. and our skies and scenery are the best.


Your vegas book is fab. Yet anothe fab prompt. I will have to give this some thought. I am slowly but surely catching up!!

Julie Spencer

Loved the album Karen - Helen and I went on a girlie trip with our friend years ago and my boys are going in a few weeks staying at the Bellagio! In Switzerland at the mo for a few weeks so can read but not print. Can't wait to get back and get seriously into scrapbooking,am behind quite a few weeks now but then with school hols should catch up!


What a wonderful memory book.

Thank you for another great prompt - I am enjoying reading each one even if I haven't done any scraping.

Toni :o)


Thanks for the prompt, I am begining to catch up at last.
Loving all your holiday pics.


Hi Karen
Love your Vegas book and am pleased you had a great time away, I have been a couple of times and love it!
One of the few prompts I know exactly what I'm going to scrap.
Thanks for the great prompts Kim xx


Another fab prompt and another interesting post about your holiday!!! Thanks so much. I have done today's prompt so am now officially up to date!


That's easy! Coming down Old Wareham Road, just past Ryvita, and looking out across the harbour, towards the Purbecks. Nothing beats it! That's when I know this is home for me forever! (not sure how I'm going to manage a photo of that though!)
Thank you for the prompt.


Thanks for sharing your prompt with us this week. I'm enjoying reading about your fab holiday!


The Vegas book is totally beautiful Dolly!!!

I have downloaded the prompt... thank you :)


Brilliant mini book Karen, as always thank you for another great prompt, really behind, but have my mojo back so hope to catch up soon!!


Love your Las Vegas book! Thank you for the prompt!


Thanks again. Don't worry if you get a little behind with the prompts. it will give some of us time to catch up a little!!
Love the book.

Mel Weeks

Merci encore Karen. Will enjoy this one, very much. Love your Vegas book, inspiring as usual.

Lindsey Dickinson

have just caught up on your blog... looks like you had a fantastic time on your holiday in the States... hope you had a great birthday... am impressed that you have already done an album...
Jay and I got back from our roadtrip last wednesday - now comes the gigantic task of sorting out the photos!!!
Thanks for your advice and suggestions... they really came in handy!!!
Hope to catch up soon...


thanks Karen for the prompt, loving the vegas book.


LOVE the vegas album, great job! Thanks for the prompts, I'm behind on downloading them. If you see a bunch go up by 1 download that is me :) Thanks again for doing this amazing project!

Sarah C

Looks like you had an fantastic holiday. Your album looks amazing.

Thank you for another great prompt. Love your additional challenge too.

Dawn Cheshire

Thanks for another great prompt, I'm loving the way you've themed them into 4 weekly group, can't wait to see what other theme's we will cover. I'm planning on starting to scrap them soon, thinking about doing a smaller scale so I can do a page for me and a page for my husband as I really want to scrap some old pictures for him.
Love your Vegas album


Thanks for the prompt karen, Lovely Vegas book


Fabulous mountain/lake page, really atmospheric.
I think mine will have to be beaches and seasides.
I do hope you manage to keep this going Karen, and I don't underestimate the hard work you must put in to it, so another big thank you from me.


Love the Vegas album - the holiday sounds fab!
Thanks for another great prompt. I think I'll go for huge, open space, where sky and sea blend together, in the form of my favourite beach...


Love your vegas album, what a fab holiday.


I am up to date with the downloads, need to get them all printed out now and read them in bed with a hot chocolate - mmmmm. Thanks so much for your hard work Dolly, its much appreciated.


Fab Vegas album - and you met Donny and Marie - I am soooo envious you lucky girl!!!
Another great prompt - thank you!!!

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