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August 22, 2010





Thanks Karen. I love your 50th book especially the gorgeous roses. You may not have green fingers but you sure have very nimble fingers to make these very fiddly paper roses.

Miranda Shelley

thankyou for the prompt. love the book also


Thank you so much for the prompt! Your birthday book is beautiful!!!

Photographing Mom

Your book looks awesome! I love those roses an the colours. :o)

Thanks for the prompt! Off to download.


Hi Karen
Thanks for another great prompt. Your birthday book looks gorgeous. Kim xx


Thanks Karen. I'm going to have fun with this. I love your 50th book too.

Scrapnanny Chris

Another great prompt, already been on the site and my mind is working overtime already. I love your book especially the flowers.


thanks getting a little behind but decorating has to come first for the next couple weeks


thanks for the prompts i have just dowloaded last week and this week.i am way behind and think it will be another one of my projects for the winter months your birthday book looks great.


Great prompt yet again. Might even get some inspiration for my new garden!!!! Great Birthday book love the flowers


Thank you for new prompt!!!
The birthday-book ist so lovely - I wait of better light to see, more from the book. :o)


Thankyou for the prompt. As always anoter great prompt. I am way behind but I WILL catch up soon. I think it will be on my to do list in my next hols from work which is October. I love your birthday book it is fab. Can't wait to see more of it.


Thank you for the prompt Dolly!!!

Your birthday book is so beautiful... its an inspiration for my birthday next year when I get 50.

Have a wonderful evening:)


What a beautiful book and the roses are fab (I just love paper flowers of all kinds but these are so pretty).

Thank you for another great download - I am so enjoying each of the prompts. Thank you once again.

Toni :o)


have been off line for the last month whilst we moved house (why does it take so long to reconnect broadband?) Anyway have spent a bit of time catching up with the prompts - thanks as always - and also your holiday and birthday which sound just lovely - so glad you had such a lovely time


Thanks for the prompt Karen, I have trouble with the fantasy/dream ones but I'll give it a go. Love the 50th book :)

sue (aka scrapcat)

Thanks Dolly


Thanks for another week's prompt! Love your 50th year book too-can't wait to see more photos. I'm downloading all the prompts and hope to work through them next year-which will be my 50th year. I started this year but life got in the way. Thanks !!!

Joanne Williams

Thanks for the prompt. This the first one I've downloaded and I'm going to give it some serious thought. Love your 50th book can't wait to see the inside.

Mary Bainbridge

Thank you Karen I am seriously behind but I do want to finish an album this year.

Love your mini 50th book so much there to see and feel plenty of touchy feely.


gorgeous book senior! ;) happy birthday! when was it/is it?? XX

Amy Ulen

I just discovered your blog through Shimelle's site. I'm looking forward to reading the prompts!


thank you for the prompt and loving you 50th album is beautiful.


Thank you for another good prompt.


Why does it matter if people don't comment? I think there are a lot of nice people who do and say kind things. Many times we give to people who don't thank us, but it doesn't affect the giving in our hearts. I've seen blog sites where there are thousands of followers and they get 70 comments. It just doesn't seem to be a huge percentage no matter who it is. Sorry you are so disturbed by it. Thank you for the prompts. It gives me something to write about each week!


i agree with sandi! i am grateful and don't hesitate to say so, i would never get something at the store or from a friend and not say thank you! i am not always the most prompt and i am sure i forget a week or two here and there, but i am grateful! thank you again...and happy fifty! your book looks wonderful and fun!

Sharon Peters

Many thanks for the prompt - haven't started any of them yet but will one day!! Love the birthday book


Thank you for pt.I to am way behind.Made me laugh ,we have a folly my DH made a kennel for the dogs.Not one have been in it.We keepngs like compost in it. And is called Norman's folly.
Love your birthday book

Julie Spencer

Thanks as always Karen, another great prompt. Your 50th Book looks terrific, can't wait to see inside...


Hmmm... fantasy garden...one that looked after itself perhaps! Thanks again.

Sarah C

Wow your album cover looks amazing. Might use some of those ideas sometime. And it's good to do something different to norm. Look forward to see the rest of it now :D

Love the idea of a fantasty garden. Will be good to let my imagination flow (when I finally get round to doing these. I'm determined to finish the album I started, so I for one would appreciate continuing to get the prompts please. Thank you xx


Thank you Karen love the look of this prompt- the 50th book looks amazing-I can't believe how many layouts, minibooks etc you manage to produce and be a headteacher! Super woman!


Thanks very much again Dolly, love the prompts, just wish I had time to get on with them.

Sharon Speed

Thanks again Karen!!


thanks again karen


Hi Karen, Your birthday book looks lovely. I have been working on a flip-flop book for my Mums 80th birthday in September. Slightly different to yours but hope she likes it. Love your scrapping ideas etc. Take care and enjoy the rest of the hols.


Hi karen, just got back from my motorcycle adventure round Scotland, so am downloading this weeks and last weeks prompts right now. Love the prompts and can't wait to see where we go next! I am up to date and love my album!! I love your 50th birthday book, awesome!!

Lynne Mitchell

Hi Karen just downloaded several weeks prompts in one hit as summer time isn't the best time for me to scrap indoors:)

Thank you for these fab prompts it is beginning to look like a fab album even though I am several weeks behind now!!

Enjoy the last few weeks of the hols with Nigel xx


I love the prompts, but I'm not that good at commenting every week, sorry. I'll try to better myself. And maybe I can get started with #1 soon :-) or any of them. They're all sitting waiting for me in a binder. Thank you for doing this!


I'm still with you, Karen, in mind, if not up to date on paper.
I love the Paper Roses / Marie connection - I'm sure that was intentional wasn't it?
They are really beautiful, as is the whole mini album.


Thank you! Yes I'm a week late, been enjoying Cornwall's 'liquid' sunshine! If you choose to email the prompts, please count me in!


Thank you :)


Thanks again for a great prompt


I love my garden in the UK but it's hard to keep on top of it most of the time, I think I would like a magic gate, that I could walk through and be in my English home on one side and my Singapore home on the other - now that would be perfect!!!!
Thanks for another great prompt Karen - Id love emailed prompts btw!!!

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