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August 15, 2010



I had a difficult time getting the prompt to load today, but I'm okay now. I spent some of last week "catching up" -- I only have prompts 21 (will be a novel about my melanoma diagnosis), 26, 27 and today's to be all caught up. I would share, but I don't yet know how to do that. Thank you for the effort you've gone through for us!


I have enjoyed reading about your vacation here in the states and also seeing photos of your lovely walks in your country. Thank you as always for sharing your prompts with us!


Thanks Karen. I think I will scrap my retirement BBQ where despite torrentail rain, 60 people had fun in the great outdoors!!


Thank you once again.


thanx for another g8 prompt. have been following u around on shimelle's online crop today!!! i gave only a small donation last week but will make some more in the future. it is a pleasure to help the hospice by joining in with the prompts.
Jo xxx


Thank you Dolly for this weeks prompt !!!


Thanks for the prompt


Thank you dear Dolly!!! I load it.
Have a nice evening!

Sharon Speed

Thanks again for all your hard work. I'm off out to enjoy what's left of the sunshine before it goes away again!!

Scrapnanny Chris

Another great prompt, Thanks scrap dolly. I am loving your holiday photo's. Off to print some photo's ready to try and catch up with a few pages tomorrow.


Another great prompt, thankyou for the time and effort you put into this. I have really enjoyed reading about your trip to America.


Thanks for the prompt Karen, I've a good idea for this week's prompt.


Hi Karen
Thanks for another great prompt, loving reading about your fab holiday, glad you both had such a great time
Kim xx


Thank you for the pt.
As you know it has been a hard week here.
Thank you Daphne


and thank you again for such a great class, i live in canada and have tried to drop a donation but it won't let me! i have been one of hte negligent downloaders that have not always commented! i am sorry..but i a m grateful and i am consistantly bad mannered in the comment section i am truly sorry! but grateful..thanks again for such wonderful prompts


Lovely prompt again Karen, it's the beach for me I reckon, now where did I put those old Sandylion stickers?


Thank you so much Karen for sharing through your great blog ~ it's a delight to read each day. And thank you too for the weekly prompts ~ and sorry for being remiss in not commenting before.

Mary Bainbridge

Super LOs especially like your quadrant one.
I have also been busy with Shimelle's CC and nearly forgot to come and get this prompt. Thanks you so much for doing them each week.


Thank you so much!

Sarah C

I'm glad your birthday wasn't as bad as you'd feared. Love your LO recording it too.
Thank you for this next prompt. I really must get my bum in gear and catch up with the LOs I've not yet done x

Photographing Mom

Thanks so much, Dolly!!!!


Thanks Karen


Inspired by your lolcatz, I hope you won't mind that I have used your beautiful fur babies for my lolcatz inspiration!!


I mixed up the challenge a little bit by accident and thought the picture had to be of catz!!


thank you so much!

Sharon Peters

Many thanks for the prompt this week. I have really enjoyed reading about your holiday in the US especially the ride down the Las Vegas strip on the Harley!


Thanks again.


Thank you! Hubby is back home from deployment so I won't be scrapping for a while, but I'm keeping the prompts for future inspiration.


thanks Karen x

Helen Baker

Thank you Karen, this album is going to be the biggest and most special one in my collection.


Liked the idea of recording walks something we do a lot of especially in the lakes. Have a bit more time to scrap during summer hols.


Thank you Karen you are a diamond, enjoy the rest of the holiday!!



thank you as always

Mel Weeks

Thanks as always Karen.

sue (aka scrapcat)

Thanks dolly sorry I'm late but my New grand- daughter arrived last week 15th and I completely forgot to down load the prompt until today


Thanks again :-)


I have just found your page via another blog and have just started following you. I have wanted to get into scrapbooking for a while and I think I'll track back to your first pages cos I think your site is exactly what I need. Big Thank You. Jaqui x


I have some great ideas for this one, thanks


Thank you


I love the outdoors - although its often too hot to spend a lot of time outdoors here in Singapore!!

Great prompt - thanks Karen!!!

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