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July 19, 2010


jo sowerby

beautiful LO and what an amazing photo, that is one beautiful sunset/sunrise.
loving the cat pic too, how hilarious!!!
Jo xxxx


Great idea - day trip to Egypt! Actually, I'm very lucky this year, because I am going on my dream holiday - a week by the seaside at my favourite place! Still, I suppose I could put up with a two or three-week holiday.... though, like you, I miss home when I'm away. I find that 10 days is about my optimum.
Still, I'd rather like to be able to do a day trip to the sea-side sometimes. It is such a long trip for us, as we live almost as far inland as you can be in Britain... Must try it one day!

The Lolcat made me laugh today.


you and me both Karen! I hate going away!! Can I come with you on your day trip to the pyramids? LOL


As I also don't like being away from home, we find our little home on wheels to be a good compromise. Haven't done much caravanning this year because of weather but hoping for a good autumn.


I actually went on the day trip to Eygpt with Bath travel and it was amazing day I will never forget, Its a shame you didn't get to do it.

Great prompt for me, thanks karen

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