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July 04, 2010


debbie s

thank-you again. just saving these for now until i have more time to catch up later on in the year.


Hi there, another one saving your inspiration for a later date...so enjoying the topics/ideas.

Toni :o)


Thank you :)


thank you for the prompt. 4TH of July is important in our house too. It was the birthday of our son we lost 6 years ago. It feels like everyone is helping us to celebrate his life :O)


Thanks for the prompt Karen, I love day trips and it'll be difficult just choosing one! This could turn into an album all on it's own!!


Thank you so much for new prompt.
I don't know the park but I will come back and see your loyout in next days. ;o)
Best wishes

Sharon Speed

A great prompt to get us all thinking, thanks Karen!

Sarah C

Thank you for this prompt. I love day trips for the same reason. Love coming back to my home at the end of them xx


Me too, coming home to cats especially. Great prompt, lots of day trips to choose from, will be fun deciding which. Thanks Karen.


Thanks for the prompt-I think I know where the photos were taken.
Your photos from yesterday-WOW!!!
Happy 4th July.


Another fab prompt, thankyou. I am another who loves day trips and we do a lot of them.
I am still playing catch up but I will get there.
Thanks again.


Thanks for the prompt Karen. I've just downloaded this week's and last - and think this latest one is my favourite one so far!


Thank you! I think I might ask my son about his favourite day trip, then I can have 2 pages from one prompt. Or more likely, it could be a whole album of his favourite trips!


Thank you great as always


thank you for another interesting prompt-looking forward to getting the photos out and reminiscing

jo sowerby

loving that photo, i am looking at my east of india calendar which is exactly the same as urs as i blog. g8 minds think alike. thanx again for another g8 prompt, have a good week and enjoy the few few days of term...........nearly there
Jo xxxx

Photographing Mom

From an "across the pond"-er, thank you for celebrating with us. :o)

Thanks for the prompt!!

Helen Baker

Just downloading Karen (is it Stourhead Gardens in Warminster?). I'm with you, it is wonderful to just head out. We went to Swanage on Wednesday evening and up to Durlston Head and it was just magical. Looking forward to this one!


Great prompt, thank you so much!


thanks as always for the prompt - don't recognise the park but then I don't know your end of the country at all. Looking forward to the reveal!!


Beautiful layout Dolly, you make such a good looking couple (and you always look "so happy together"). Thanks for joining in with the fun and playing along. Much love xoxo

Kate McNicholas

Wonderful page Karen, love the grunge effect :)

Claire Viney

Thanks for another prompt. I am so many weeks behind but it just seems too nice to be indoors scrapping. Will have to have a mammoth catch up soon. Love the photos of you and Nigel in the post below - very glam!


Oh yes,I love day trips too. Have had so many lovely ones, I think it will have to be a general day trip page. Thanks again.

Julie Spencer

Thanks Karen- love days out and hvae so many to choose from.

Mary Bainbridge

Thanks Karen have downloaded, but it is late now so not really read your post will do that later in the week.




Thanks Karen for another great prompt. I love day trips. I get so excited about them and love making a picnic and having a stock of sweets for the car journey.


Thank you for another great prompt. Have just finished for 6 weeks holiday and I plan to use some of that time catching up on the prompts i have missed.


Love that prompt!
I am slipping behind a bit now, but hope to catch up soon!!


thanks for taking part in the Soup challenge Karen x


Many thanks Karen another prompt downloaded and saved.


I'm glad I downloaded your prompt today as I'm headed off to Palouse Falls in east central Washington -- a waterfall right in the middle of wheat fields! This is an amazingly beautiful state and full of diversity!


dowloaded this weeks.thanks for taking the time to do the prompts when you have such a busy workload karen.


Great prompt as ever Thanks


Hmm.. I could scrap our day trip to Oxford last Friday! I have a few photos I could use - maybe a mini-book would be good... If only I can find time. Maybe next week, or the week after!!
Thanks Karen, for another great idea. We're past the half-way point now, you know!


Thank you, again, for a great prompt.


Another thought provoking prompt - Thank you once again Karen!! I travel so much between the UK and Asia that daytrips are a real treat!!!! Singapore is only the size of the Isle of Wight, so nowhere here is far! I love doing the local walking tours so thats what I'm going to scrap - it might be the botanical gardens or some historical walk - or I might do a DLO and do several - Oh decisions decisions...........

Dawn Cheshire

Dolly, Have just been back through your blog and downloaded all the prompts up to now, with a view of starting to scrap them once the summer holidays start. I'm giving myself to then to finish sorting my craft space out.
I would like to offer my sincere thanks to you for doing this for us all to share. You must have spent a great deal of time thinking about all the prompts and I can't wait to have a go.
I'm sorry to hear that more people aren't taking a few seconds to leave you a comment.
Your blog is inspirational and you make me want to visit Dorset more and more with the lovely photos you share
Thank you again


Beautiful as always Karen, love your take on the Chickensoup recipe - thanks for the blog exposure here and playing along xx

Lousette Ashton

Gorgeous Dolly - love your interpretation.


I love daytrips, thanks for the prompt, will have fun with this one xx

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