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July 25, 2010


T Ann

Thanks for antoher fab prompt - I am not keeping up at all but still loving the prompts - thank you.


woohoo! very pleased to see this prompt, I love my garden! I have loads of photos, so a chance to showcase some of them. Thanks Karen! Still a few weeks behind, but hopefully will catch up soon.


What a fab prompt. I have recently just taken some photos of my garden. I am not keeping up at all either I am now 9 weeks behind!! But i will finish this. Thanks for another great prompt.

jo sowerby

thanx fro another g8 prompts. hope ur enjoying the relaxation of the school hols, i will be looking around the gardens of the hospital complex where i live. it is huge!!!!!
Jo xxx


For once I'm ready - I took photos last week! Thanks for the prompt x

Julie Spencer

Thanks as always - this is a good one, always taking photos of the garden. Must admit, I am hoping to catch up after my holiday in two weeks time, then will have three weeks left before we go back to school again...


Thank you Karen. I have lots of photos of our garden and it will be interesting trying to use beads! (of which I have LOTS)


Thanks for the prompt Karen, I'm glad your birthday wasn't as bad as you feared :) I wish my green space was as tidy as yours!


thanks for this prompt karen, i still have a lot of catching up to do.


many Happy returns - glad it's not that bad!
thank you for yet another interesting prompt.


Thanks for the prompt - Another one to think about! Pleased you had a lovely birthday Karen - Isnt Nij a treasure?


Yay, beads! I like those flower centres, Karen - very clever.
Glad you had a good birthday - and a Happy Belated Birthday to you!
Thanks for another fun prompt... off to consider my own "Green Space".


Thank you for the next prompt Dolly... I love this theme.
Oh dear, i have forgotten your birthday... so my greetings come a little bit later but from my heart.
I wish you all the best for the next year... may all your dreams come to.
xox Birgit :)


Green space??? When I read the prompt I went to look out of the window - the lawn is more like straw due to the recent heatwave and my poor tubs have just curled up their toes and given up LOL at least it has kept the grass down so not so much mowing.

I love gardening programmes too and would love to have the money to get someone in to revamp my space (which is quite large) so that it looks fab but is relatively low upkeep. I shall dream on.

Toni :o)


Thank you for a challenging prompt! I don't really have a green space, its more like a dirtbowl. Small boys playing football and grass don't seem to go together!

Sarah C

Happy Belated Birthday ~ remember 50's the new 40!

Thanks for yet another lovely prompt and one that's going to take a lot of thought as I'm in a first floor flat with no garden and I kill all plants I have LOL This could be an interesting page :) x

Mary Bainbridge

thank you Karen have downloaded not read it yet but hopefully will do this week's one during this week.
BTW you are not an old lady, I can give you 20 years and I don't feel old


Thanks for another great prompt, love the garden idea, can't wait


I just downloaded the prompts.. I think I originally got as far as three and then got off track.. for a long time! But I am so glad to see you have kept on and I am thrilled to have these prompts.. they all look great! Thank you so much for your generosity and creativity in sharing this with us!

Claire Viney

Happy birthday Karen. Hope you had a glorious day and were spoilt rotten. Thanks for another great prompt.xxx


happy belated birthday, thanks again for another great prompt x


Just downloaded this and last weeks as i was away on holiday. I love my garden but struggle because of ivy and conifers in neighbouring gardens. So, maybe some journalling to get my frustration of my chest! Thanks again.


thank you


Thank you for the new prompt - I'm late. ;o)
There was an family-weekend, but now I come back to my darling: pc. :0)


Thank you for the pt.
Hugs Daphne


Downloaded, thank you Karen. Love the DVD, how wonderful to have all those clips from when you were a little girl, and what a sterling job Nigel has done with them. Fab.
I've done Prompt 11! Onward and upward.

Sharon Speed

Another great prompt. Thanks Karen


I have downloaded this prompt Karen and it suits me well as I enjoy gardening. I must get photos of the garden while it is looking nice.


Thanks Karen, great prompt!


Great prompt we have a sandy garden too. I have to put bedding plants in pots.


Family matters last week, stopped me from downloading, but have done it now!! Thank you Karen!

Mel Weeks

Thanks Karen, bit late this week, but catching up now. Don't know where you get the time, but appreciate all your hard work.


Thanks very much. :-)

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