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July 18, 2010


Claire Viney

Looks another great prompt thanks Karen. I am so far behind. Life just seems so busy at the moment but I will catch up at some point and complete the album.


thank you Karen - I'm attempting 365 project and 52-10 and behind on bother but hope to get up to date while on hols in august - doing digi give me 'no excuses'
many thanks

Mary Bainbridge

thank you Karen downloaded prompt and I'll have to think on this one.


Thanks Karen. Think the hieroglyphics may be a clue?! Trying to catch up on gardening as it has been wet in our part of the world for about a week. Look forward to seeing the whole page.

Julie Spencer

Like this one, I have had many dreams about my fantasy holidays - now which one would I choose!! Thanks as always.

Sharon Speed

Keep up the good work. another great prompt, many thanks!

jo sowerby

ooh my dream holiday........i have too many dreams
Jo xxxx


Oh - I thought, I'm late, but only 7 comments?! o.O
Thank you for the new prompt - I downloaded.

Photographing Mom

Thank you!!!!!! Downloaded. :)


Thank you so much for another prompt!

donna c

yeah! another wonderful, thought provoking prompt! thanks so much dolly daydreamer!


Thank you for another great prompt!


Thankyou for another fab prompt. I am so behind on this and everything else but I will get caught up soon.


Thanks so much for another great "thinker" of a prompt!

Mel Weeks

Thanks Karen. I think my hiliday is going to be the longest ever!

sue (aka scrapcat)

Thanks Dolly. Must get around to catching up.


Hi Karen
Thanks for the great prompt - this one could be an album all of it's own!!!
Kim xx


I have downloaded... thank you Dolly... i wish you a nice sunday evening :)


Thanks for the prompt, I've missed out on quite a few of these but hoping to catch up xx


Thank you! At the moment my dream holiday would be anything with my husband - he's still on deployment :(


Thank you karen for the last 3 prompt which I downloaded tonight. I am slowly catching up...I willl get there eventually. You time and thought is very much appreciated. As I always say, you get me thinking outside the box
Thanks again


thanks Karen, off to download


thanks for another great prompt!


Just downloaded - ready to do in the holidays - only 1 week to go - and counting! Thanks Karen x


thank you

Sarah C

What a brilliant prompt. There's so many places I'd love to travel to. Thank you x


Thanks Karen. I am always dreaming of holidays. I will enjoy putting my dreams and thoughts of faraway lands into a layout.


Thanks Karen, I have a very long list of places to visit whilst we are living in Asia - I think one of my top dream locations has to be Cambodia - I would love to see Angkor Wat at sunrise - now whether Id be able to get up early enough is another matter! If you find that teleporter maybe I could borrow it for a day!!!


Thank you :)


Thanks again, I am just starting though :-(
Hope to get slightly caught up - meaning lots of play-time x

Helen Baker

Thanks Karen, just downloaded this one - mmmmm thinking cap on!!


Thank you again, Karen! A Dream Holiday... hmmm, needs thought

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